"The Silly Pearl": my childhood nickname by my parents (in Cantonese - "Soh Jee"). Okay, they still call me that sometimes, to let me know that despite my many quirks, I'm still precious.

Those same folks (i.e. my parents) are probably the two most influential creative forces in my life. My dad is the quintessential nerd with a creative side, who loves woodworking, painting, and has the neatest handwriting I've ever seen. My mom, an avid knitter, jewelry maker and amazing cook, is the one who encourages all my creative endeavors; as a kid she taught me to sew and took me to any art and craft class I wanted to attend. She is now my biggest cheerleader and I look up to her both as a woman, mother and professional.

After a long crafting hiatus to start my career, I was getting ready for my wedding and did a lot of DIY. This sparked a handmade custom bridal jewelry business for two very fun but busy years. Soon I became a stay at home mom to twin girls. I began blogging, first about them, then about crafts here on The Silly Pearl

I'm thankful for the opportunities that have come about through this blog...meeting and collaborating with the friendly and supportive members of the creative blogging community, doing something I enjoy while being at home with my girls, participating in my first craft fair, and finally, opening The Silly Pearl SHOP! on Etsy. So grateful for all these little blessings!

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