Monday, August 11, 2014

Quick Clean Up Time Reward Printables for Kids

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It’s approaching the end of summer, and I admit I’ve let things slide when it comes to keeping things neat at home, schedules, and bedtimes. Time to get back into it! To motivate my girls to tidy up at the end of each day, I created a little reward system with these Quick Clean Up Time Reward Printables. Their goal is to put things away in the living room, play room, and bedroom in ten minutes. With each successful clean-up session, they color in one animal, smiley face, monster, or star, and when they complete a certain amount, they get their reward! I thought it would be fun to use our new Sharpie Clearview Highlighters to color in each space.

Quick Clean Up Reward Printables for Kids- The Silly Pearl #SharpieClearview #Pmedia #Ad

So our living room typically looks like this at the end of the day – there’s always shoes, cups (yes, the glass one is mine), games, their box of hair clips and boingys (i.e. hair ties), books, crayons, toys, random papers…I’m surprised there isn’t more. And when school starts, there will be more mess with even more papers and school supplies!

 Quick Clean Up Printables Sharpie 1

I created these printables with a line where kids can write in the reward they would like to earn. There are 20 spaces to color in, but you can have them do however many you wish; for example, you could do 10 spaces and they get their reward. It’s up to you!

Quick Clean Up Time Printables for Kids - The Silly Pearl

I tried to keep the designs on the more gender neutral side. The graphics are all from if you want to make your own. I chose graphics that have a white space for coloring in. You can leave the printables together on one sheet…

 Quick Clean Up Free Printable Reward Sheets - The Silly Pearl

…or cut them up. Sarah chose the farm animals and decided her reward would be stickers.

Quick Clean Up Time Reward Sheets 4

Sophie picked the smiley faces and wanted art supplies as her reward.

 Quick Clean Up Time Reward Printables 5

After they cleaned up (ahh, much better – yes, the stickers and paint splatters on the coffee table are part of the decor).


Now that they’re done for they day, they get to color in one space. The Sharpie Clearview Highlighters were perfect because you can still see the design. There are other colors available besides yellow. I purchased these at Walgreens and I hope to see more colors available soon! I would love to do a chore-specific list for the girls (and myself!) and color-coding as we cross off things from our list would be fun.

Quick Clean Up Time Sharpie 3

Click here to download my Quick Clean Up Time Reward Printables (in PDF format from Google Docs).

Quick Clean Up Time Sharpie 1

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  1. These are great, Steph! Printing them out for my little munchkins right now! :)

  2. Great idea! I'm always buying stickers, but your highlighter trick would be awesome!


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