Thursday, July 3, 2014

Make Fabric with your Sewing Machine’s Fancy Stitches

Here’s a quick tutorial - to make your own “embroidered” fabric using those fancy stitches on your sewing machine! Today I’ll show you the basics to prep the fabric and my first attempts.

Make fabric with your sewing machine's fancy stitches - The Silly Pearl

I found some thrifted linen napkins in my stash that I cut down to 7-inch squares. I hope to make something with these squares…maybe a pillow.

embroidered fabric 1

Then I gathered some pretty shiny rayon embroidery thread. My sewing machine (Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 30) also does embroidery, but I have barely used it. So I have lots of this thread to spare.

embroidered fabric 2

Next I applied some light-weight tear-away stabilizer to the back of my fabric. This I also found at the thrift store and is the iron-on kind, but you can use any light-weight stabilizer or water soluble stabilizer.

embroidered fabric 3

I then drew some 1-inch lines on my fabric squares with washable pen.

embroidered fabric 4

My machine has tons of stitches but I really use just a few! So I played with some scrap fabric first to see what I would like.

embroidered fabric 5

And I really liked this zig-zag one made of little squares.

embroidered fabric 6

I started with my pink thread and let the machine do its thing. I did not pull or push my fabric too much, just guided it along the line I drew.

embroidered fabric 7

All done with the pink line!

embroidered fabric 8

Here’s the back. I used white thread in my bobbin. Those pink dots i.e. the pink thread showing through the back means I technically should adjust my tension a little bit so that all the pink stays on the top of the fabric. But it’s not tooooooo bad. I’ll leave it for now!


Onto the next color, and the next.

embroidered fabric 10

And finally all done. Hope to make something soon with my new fabric!

DIY Embroidered Fabric using your Fancy Sewing Machine Stitches



  1. When purchasing a new machine, we get so sucked in by all the machine does and then we get it home and only use the straight, zigzag and buttonhole stitches. Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Love this idea! I hope I find the time to tackle this project one day. :)

  3. What a great idea......I would love this as a sewing machine cover.....Have lots of thread, white fabric, tear away to store I go............

  4. This looks great!!! I love the idea of FINALLY using some of the many many other stitches...


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