Thursday, April 10, 2014

Craft Room Tour

Step inside my craft room!

We moved to this home at the end of last summer, and my craft room is one of our three bedrooms. Actually, it is just a corner of it, consisting mainly of these two desks and anything I can stuff below or above them, plus little closet.

Craft Room 1

As you walk in, look to the right (and a little bit behind the door). I’ve repurposed some vintage finds for storage. These painted spice racks now hold my paints. My little ombre sewing case now holds paper. And the accordion hanger is for my twine. The shelf below is empty (I believe it’s a folding VHS tape holder – vintage in a bad way). Once I paint it, I will keep my sewing books on it.


On the shelf above my first desk are some train cases and my vintage yellow sewing boxes that hold thread, trims, and other sewing and crafting supplies, next to these white IKEA boxes for fabrics. Those boxes show the extent of my labeling efforts: blue tape=cool colors, red tape=warm colors, plain green tape=plain fabrics, birdie tape=kids fabrics.


I still have a top shelf to fill. I hope to display my milk glass and some other artwork up there, but I need to find an earthquake-proof display solution for this. But for now, I put a wee little vignette of treasures on the end of the lower shelf, with just a few milk glass pieces, a little Pyrex box, a pair of snuggling ceramic piggies, my craft fair sign (made at the last minute, as in one hour before!), and a very early craft: my fabric cootie catcher mobile. Will have to post that tutorial on this blog soon.


On the desk is my sewing machine, plus my little vintage tray turned on its side to hold washi tape (hey look there’s room for more). I also have a big tray filled with my paint brushes, pens, and tools. And my beloved wood spool cork board is here for now…will hang it up on the wall someday! And…one more string of fabric cootie catchers.


And here’s the vintage sewing chair I just reupholstered yesterday. Will be posting about it separately soon!


To the left of this desk is my husband’s bachelor days white shelf, which now holds crafting supplies like paper, glue, glitter, craft punches, and more.


And above the shelf hangs two other very early crafts, my embroidery hoop button heart, and this fabric heart garland made with pictures of my girls when they were about 18 months or so. Both of these crafts I made two homes ago, when I didn’t have a craft area at all, over the course of several naptimes.


I try to keep my other desk top clean, as it’s where I cut fabric, do my crafts and take pictures because it’s right in front of the window. When I need to iron, there’s room for my little ironing board. I also have three plastic drawers under the desk holding more craft and sewing supplies.


Oh and what’s THIS???!!! An early Mother’s Day/Birthday gift from my husband! It just arrived yesterday!!! This will probably not be its permanent spot, so I will have to dig in my garage for a small thrifted table to perch it on.


One reason why I love this room is the window and the view I have to the front of our house, especially when the roses are blooming.


Next to this table is a blank area which is sort of reserved for other things (more on that in a minute). It’s a challenge keeping this part clean because it can be a dumping ground for recent craft and thrift purchases. Right now, I have this vintage knitting basket full of clothes that need mending (because my husband and girls’ knees have teeth, an expression adapted from my mom when my dad’s t-shirts would have holes in the armpits, so she’d say his armpits had teeth) and hemming (because I’m a shortie). Behind the basket are boxes and bags with party favors and craft supplies for the girls’ upcoming birthday party in less than a month!


So that’s my main crafting space. The rest of the room also serves as my husband’s office (this armoire that I hope to paint someday shhh), and this corner with the boxes will have either a full bed, a daybed with a trundle, or a sofabed, for guests. We are still debating. But we will have to scoot the armoire over (hence the empty space I’m trying to keep clear next to my table). My clever IT guy put all of his network doodads on top of the armoire, and everything is strapped to this old wire shelf, so he can remove the whole thing and everything stays together. Oh, and what is that pointy piece of foam leaning against the wall? Ask my mom…she’ll tell you it’s for the window seat I promised to make for her. 10 years ago.


Ok last thing…this little closet, which is the crafting version of the mystery closet in Monica Gellar’s apartment. I might even have a lamp in there! So now that I have the main part of the craft area pretty well organized, it’s time for me to organize this part, consisting of larger fabric cuts, rolls of paper for photography backdrops and for protecting surfaces while painting, works in progress, out-of-season completed crafts, lots of thrifted items waiting to be repurposed, jumbled and tangled ribbon (WHERE WILL ALL THE RIBBONS GO? <--- another Monica reference), my sewing machine embroidery unit that I’ve used once, and my little case of jewelry supplies.


So very grateful for this crafting space. When the girls were very little, I had to put everything away in a few small bins right away, if I was able to craft at all! Now I have a comfortable, happy, and easygoing space where the girls can bring a few toys or books to keep me company as I craft and blog in here.


Thank you for taking a look at my craft room. It was fun to put together and I look forward to improving on it more. For more craft room inspiration, be sure to visit The Country Chic Cottage, who is hosting a tour of over 30 creative areas this week! Thank you so much to Angie for organizing this craft room tour!



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  1. Your room is inspiring! I have a corner in my living room. One day I dream of having a space as nice as yours. The wonderful view from your window takes your space from great to fabulous. Thank you for letting me peek into your room.

  2. I love everything about this! :) Thanks for joining in Steph!

  3. What a great space, Steph! I LOVE the vintage sewing chair. I can't wait to see your post about it!

  4. I love your yellow suitcases, and your vignette! I think having a fun, personal touch in your creative spaces is just is important as lighting and space. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love your room, Steph! That chair is ah-mazing!

  6. Beautiful craft room! I love how we all have a "logical to us" labeling system that no one else in the world could ever figure out but ends up being completely useful and straightforward to us. Like... most people would go into your room and say "what's with the birdie tape?" And they would walk into my craft room and go "what on earth is up with the caution tape?" hehehe. Completely logical to us, but not so for anyone else. It's awesome! PS: The caution tape is for the bin of "difficult to sew fabrics like satins and vinyls ;) See totally logical right? PPS: OMG! THE. VIEW. from your craft room...just... wow!

  7. Totally featuring this tomorrow! Quick question...where did you get the neat sewing machine printable (?) in gray that's on your desk area? I couldn't get a good view of the whole thing, but I'd love to have one like it!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the feature, Amanda! Yay!
      The print is from Etsy seller Mandipity: but I don't see the print anymore. I got it 3 or so years ago. It wouldn't hurt to ask her about it! You can see the whole print in another blog post of mine (scroll to the bottom):
      Thanks again!

    2. Thank you!!! I got this in my email, but it was deleted. :s Going to check out her shop. :)

  8. Loved looking around your wonderful space. Also a good time as i am in the process of figuring out how oh how will i organize all this. I have a few ideas thanks to you and your fantastic room. I hope i one day will get a whole room to spread out in too. Lol. For now i just have to go with it.

  9. Your craft room is so fun! I love the vintage items. My mom has a chair just like yours. I may have to "borrow" it! I love your blog and would like to follow you. How do I receive notifications?

  10. I have that exact sewing chair! But it still has the original covering. Yours has inspired me to pull out my staple gun and get busy. Thanks for the sneak peek into your space.

  11. Love your space! Good idea for my tiny area!


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