Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vanity Makeover with Modern Masters Metallic Paint

Thank you Modern Masters for providing your Metallic Paints for this review.

I have always liked having a vanity in my bedroom to get ready each morning. For some reason, I found it calming to sit there as I prepared for the day ahead. We didn’t have room for a vanity in our last two homes, so I got ready in the bathroom (so not the same as my vanity space!). But in our current home, our bathroom sink has no counter space, so a vanity became a necessity for me (darn!). I found a vanity at the thrift store and couldn’t wait to spruce it up. I wanted some shimmer to it, but I also did not want it to be too frilly. These Modern Masters Metallic Paints were perfect to give my vanity the look I wanted it to have.

Vantiy Makeover with Modern Masters Metallic Paints - The Silly Pearl

I was inspired by a few things as I chose my color palette and design of my vanity top: this Marimekko fabric I’ve had for a few years, and this knob I found on clearance at Anthropologie. The fabric would be used for a chair and the knob on the vanity.


I got to choose four Modern Masters Metallic Paint colors to review. There were so many to choose from!

Modern Masters Shimmer Metallic Paint Colors

I picked Antique Bronze, Venetian Blue, Warm Silver,  and Rich Gold.


The vanity started out like this, white (with a bunch of gluey goo on it that I sanded off), and a plastic knob on the drawer.


I painted the whole thing with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey. I love it much more already!


I then played with possible designs for the table top. I knew I wanted a sort of random/not random pattern with the colors. I ended up using just three of the four colors (the three on the right…Venetian Blue, Antique Bronze, and Warm Silver). The majority of the pattern would be in the lightest color (Warm Silver), accented by the other two dark ones.


Once dry, I laid out my stencil in a scallop pattern, inspired by my fabric. I left about a two-inch border around the sides. I also lightly marked an X on the scallops that would get blue or bronze paint.


First I painted the Warm Silver color. It is actually not silvery…it is more of a very soft copper. This is after the first coat. By the way, I just used a regular paint brush to apply my paints.


Next up was the Venetian Blue. It is so.pretty. Again, this is the first coat. My stencil was rolled up when it arrived, so it wasn’t laying flat (I should have planned better and allowed time for it to flatten first), so I did have some bleed through underneath. So it’s not the stencil or the paint…it was all my doing (or not doing!).


Finally, I filled in the last scallops with Antique Bronze.


This is the three paint colors after the 2nd coat, and some manual correcting of the edges with a small paint brush. The paint went on very easily and is so shimmery.


One stencil sheet was able to cover about half the table top. I moved it over to the other half of the table and did a mirror image of the pattern.


Finally, I painted the front of the drawer and the edge of the table with Warm Silver.


After a coat of clear wax and a light buffing with a cloth, my vanity is all done. It is just as I wanted it to turn out…feminine because of the curves and shimmer, masculine because of the pattern and color, plus it has got the vintage meets modern aesthetic that I love.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Vanity Makeover - The Silly Pearl

And here is my chair, by the way! It’s white with my fabric, but I plan to add a little metallic touch to the chair, and will share it next week when I will be hosting a Modern Masters Paint Giveaway! So be sure to come back to enter to win, as well as to see how my chair turned out!


I am so happy to have this little spot to myself.


And of course, I spoke to soon!


Thank you so much to Modern Masters for inviting me to try your Metallic Paints!

ModernMasters Metallic Paints

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  1. I love this and the print you painted! So, so pretty ♥

  2. Beautiful print! I love the chair and table combination!

  3. So pretty! Isn't it nice to have a little space for yourself? I can't believe how many colors of metallic paint they have! That is so cool!

  4. I love the paint colors you chose, and the scallop pattern is perfect. Great job!

  5. I love this! The color palette is great.


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