Friday, June 21, 2013

Craft Tutorial: Starfish Fourth of July Wreath

From Sea To Shining Sea - July 4th Starfish Wreath by The Silly Pearl
So I had these pretty starfish and I knew I wanted to make a wreath out of them for the summer. And with July 4th is coming up, the starfish were perfect with the song lyrics, “From Sea to Shining Sea”. Here’s how I made my Starfish Fourth of July Wreath.
4th of July Starfish Wreath - From Sea to Shining Sea - by The Silly Pearl

  • Wreath form
  • Red twine (I’m using macramé twine) or yarn would work too
  • Starfish (you could also use wooden stars)
  • Blue twine
  • Burlap
  • Duck Cloth or Canvas
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Freezer Paper
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • Mod Podge or Sewing Machine
First, wrap the red twine all around the wreath form. If you’ve been around my blog before, you know that almost all of my wreaths start out this way! And as I’ve mentioned, it’s the perfect kind of craft to do in front of the TV, or in today’s case, in your jammies under your fluffy comforter.
photo 1
Here’s some basic instructions again for wrapping a wreath form. Wrap some twine around about three times and tie a knot at the top i.e. outside edge of the wreath form, leaving a length of about 8 inches. Keep wrapping until you get to the beginning again. You’ll be threading your ball of twine through the hole of the wreath form.
photo 2
When you’ve completely covered the wreath form, cut off the twine from the ball, also leaving about an 8-inch tail, and tie a knot with the original length. This will serve as your hanging cord and will be the top of your wreath.
photo 4
Ok now it’s time to roll out of bed. And now it’s also time to wrap the starfish to the wreath. I used the blue twine for this.
photo 5
Start with the center starfish and pull out about a foot to a foot and a half of twine. This time, you’ll wrap the free end, rather than the ball of twine around and around. Wrap the free end around the starfish around each of his “armpits” so that the twine forms sort of a star in the middle of his “belly”. Or is that his back? Anyways, just wrap it around twice.
photo 6
Tie a knot at the back and trim the ends.
photo 7
Repeat with the other two starfish. You could totally stop here, but keep going to add the little banner with the song lyrics.
photo 8
I used Pic Monkey to create the banner. You could also use Word. Print it out to test the size…it should fit within the inside of the wreath form. Feel free to use my image (just save it to your computer).
From sea to shining sea
I used my ink jet printer to print onto the fabric. Here’s a quick lesson: Cut out a piece of duck cloth or canvas and fuse it to a piece of freezer paper. Place the fabric down first, and then the freezer paper on top, shiny side down against the fabric. press with your iron for several seconds until they stick. Trim the freezer paper so that it is 8.5x11 inches, and set your printer to “specialty” paper so the printer knows what’s up. You may need to nudge the paper/fabric in a little bit if your printer is picky like mine. Note: if you don’t have freezer paper, you can just tape the fabric on a piece of printer paper.
photo 9
Trim a piece of burlap so that it fits across the wreath form plus a little more, and so that it also accommodates the printed fabric with about 1/2 an inch to spare at the top and bottom. Trim the printed fabric if necessary. You can either use Mod Podge to adhere the fabrics together, or sew it as I did.
photo 10
Last thing…gather up one side of the burlap like a candy wrapper and tie it with a piece of twine. Then tie it around the wreath form.
photo 11
Repeat on the other side and you’re done!
July 4th Starfish Wreath - The Silly Pearl
This wreath is summertime and July 4th all in one. And it only took me the morning to make it. Let me know if you make one too.
4th of July Starfish Wreath - From Sea to Shining Sea - by The Silly Pearl
If you need more patriotic ideas, here’s what my girls and I made for last July 4: Patriotic Shrink Plastic Centerpiece
Patriotic Centerpiece Using Shrink Plastic

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  1. So cute Steph! I love the starfish on the wreath!

  2. Simply Darling! Love how it works for Summer and the 4th! I'd be thrilled if you would link it up to our Summer Wreath Party:

    Have a Happy Day!

  3. This wreath is incredibly cute and clever just like everything you do! Fantastic!

  4. I love a good wreath and this one is completely FANTASTIC!!!


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