Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Craft Tutorial: Manly Bulletin Board

Father’s Day is coming up, so I made this more masculine twist on the weaved bulletin board.

It’s the perfect place for your guy to keep notes, cards, or special pictures.

Manly Bulletin Board Fathers Day Gift - The Silly Pearl

I was inspired to make this when I came across these two lengths of striped canvas belt straps. They were sort of preppie meets rugged.


I had a vintage frame at home so I painted that a navy blue color with a tint of gray, by mixing CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint in Maine Harbor Blue and Vermont Slate.


Then to supplement my thrifted belts straps, I bought some upholstery ticking and some plain navy belt straps too (both from JoAnn).


I used the upholstery ticking as the background, so I made a lattice out of that.


Then after playing around with the other belt straps, and adding some D-Rings (from the jewelry section at Michaels), I came up with this design.


I sewed the striped belt straps and the little length of navy belt strap to the D-Rings with my sewing machine. I used my denim/thick fabric needle.


I added some anti-fraying glue to the ends.


I was now ready to start stapling the straps to the frame according to my design. I made some pencil marks on the frame to mark the position of all the straps (plus I consulted a picture I took on my cell phone). I first stapled the striped straps because they were the top “layer”. Then I stapled the ticking. Finally, I weaved the navy straps through the ticking and stapled those.


I trimmed the ends and added some anti-fraying glue to the ends as well as over the staples. Here’s what it looks like from the back.


If I was keeping this for myself, I’d just leave it like this. My husband wouldn’t mind it this way either. But since I’m selling this one at an upcoming craft fair, I wanted to finish the back a bit better. Like many vintage frames, I did not have the back of the frame. So I covered a piece of foam board (you can also use sturdy cardboard) and wrapped it up with fabric, adhering it to the foam board with Mod Podge. When I get the chance, I’ll probably add a label with my logo on it to the back.


All done. Hope to make another one for our own home after the craft fair.

Manly Bulletin Board - The Silly Pearl

Oh by the way, I had accidentally got some of the anti-fraying glue on the frame, so I used sandpaper to remove it and was expecting to repaint the frame. But I liked how the original gold metallic surface was showing through, so I scuffed it up in random areas of the frame as well.

Manly Bulletin Board -The Silly Pearl

I recently dug up these pictures from the girls’ first birthday. Sigh.

Manly Bulletin Board Fathers Day Gift -- The Silly Pearl

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  1. What a clever idea! Perfect gift for father's day... going on my list!

  2. What a great project and so MANLY J. Seriously I think you hit on something ... men need bulletin board too!

  3. What a great idea! This would be perfect for a man cave or an office.

  4. I love your manly bulletin board ... I featured it tonight at the Project Inspire{d} link party!

  5. Love the look of the jute wrapping! Very clever! I saw you featured over at Project Inspire(d). Congrats!


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