Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Free Printable: Year of the Snake Red Envelopes

Just a few weeks left for Lunar New Year, so it’s time to get all my little red envelopes ready to pass out to all the kiddos in our lives. Each will contain a little bit of “Lucky Money” for little ones and even older single kids (like college age or fresh out of college), so they can buy something fun and sweet to start out the new year that way.

Free Printable Year of the Snake Red Envelopes - The Silly Pearl

I used the same cute but not creepy snake from my Year of the Snake Printable Calendar to make this years Year of the Snake Lucky Money Red Envelopes. Click the pic below to find the downloadable calendar.

Year of the Snake 2013 Printable Calendar Free Download

Last year for the Year of the Dragon, I made the printables square plus a printable template to make a square envelope to go with it. Cutting out the square envelope template isn’t difficult, but when you have to make a lot of red envelopes (say for your kiddo’s whole class) it can start to get time-consuming.


So this year, I not only made the square ones…

Year of the Snake - Red Envelopes - The Silly Pearl

but I also made these rectangular ones that you can easily make by cutting out a strip of paper, folding it and then taping the sides closed. Then you don’t have to use scissors and cut along curves and make all those little folds.

Year of the Snake Red Envelopes - The Silly Pearl

To make the easy rectangular ones, take a piece of 8.5x11” red paper and use your paper trimmer to cut three 8.5-inch long pieces.


Then fold each strip into three sections…two sections are 4 inches, and one section will be the remaining 1/2 inch. The 1/2 inch serves as the flap that closes the envelope. The two 4-inch sections will be the body. Apply double-stick tape to one of the 4-inch sections and stick together.


Finally, cut out the rectangular front design and stick it onto the front of the envelope. The envelope is just like the ones I make each year for my gift card holders (like my TP Snowflake Gift Card Holder). The only drawback is that you can’t fit too many dollar bills in here, but for giving just a dollar this should be fine.


But if you’ll be passing out red envelopes with more…umm…padding…inside ;o) then the square envelopes are more ideal. To make them, print the template onto red paper. You can print two on one piece. Then cut out the template along the inside edge so the black outline won’t show.


Fold all the flaps inward to make creases and open up again. First, fold in the two sides and place a piece of double-stick tape along the edge of the left side. You will have to use a skinnier piece of tape, or just fold a piece of standard-width tape lengthwise and that should do.


Then fold up the little and add more tape to secure. Again, you may have to fold your tape lengthwise in half. The top (curved) flap is your envelope closure.


See the links below for your printable downloads via Google Docs.




Year of the Snake Printable Red Envelopes - The Silly Pearl



The Silly Pearl - Year of the Snake Free Printable Red Envelopes



Happy Year of the Snake!

The Silly Pearl - Free Printable Year of the Snake Red Envelopes



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  1. Hi Steph,

    Thanks so much for these. I am going to print them out for my girl scouts. Our troop is primarily girls adopted from China, so this will be a perfect activity for our next meeting. I am now following you via GFC, Pinterest, G+, Facebook, & Twitter.


    Diana of Diana Rambles

    1. I forgot to say that I hope to do a post about CNY crafts on my blog soon and I'd love to feature this with links to this post if it's OK!

  2. I love your cute (and not at all creepy) snake! And man do I miss those little red envelopes. *sigh* it sucks being an adult sometimes hehehe


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