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Two-Sided Laundry Door Reminder with Mod Podge

Two-Sided Laundry Door Reminder by The Silly Pearl

Our laundry is out in the garage, so when I start a load, it’s always out of sight, out of mind! I needed a way to remind myself when my laundry would be finished. I do pass by the door all the time, so a do-not-disturb-type door sign was perfect. I didn’t waste the other side, however, so I used that side as a reminder for other things as we walk out the garage door. I was excited to use new products from Mod Podge to make my two-sided door reminder!

I received their new Podgeable Shapes and Podgeable Papers, Rub-On Letters and Stencils to try out, as well as some new tools, like the Silicone Mat. I am very excited to try these…so many possibilities!


I also received some new formulas of Mod Podge, plus some old favorites! I am excited to try all of these. I know my girls will love using the kids Wash-Out Mod Podge (the green one, 2nd from the right).


Here’s how to make a

Two-Sided Laundry Door Reminder Sign with Mod Podge


  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Mod Podge Podgeable Shapes
  • Mod Podge Podgeable Papers
  • Mod Podge Silicone Mat
  • Wood Door Hanger
  • Two little chalkboards*
  • Sandpaper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Painters tape
  • Hot glue gun

Everything is available at Michael’s, including all the new Mod Podge products. Here they are at my local Michael’s…some were at the end of the glue section, and some were within the glue section. So many new things!

Photo Jun 07, 11 27 00 AMPhoto Jun 07, 11 31 45 AMPhoto Jun 07, 11 32 50 AM

*In place of the little chalkboards (which I found at the thrift store, but I think they’re also available at Michaels), you can use chalkboard paper (like I did here) or chalkboard paint.



First, sand and paint one side of the door hanger with acrylic paint. If you have chalkboard frames like mine, sand and paint the frame of two of them (one for each side…I know I only have one pictured, sorry!). Paint the edges of the door hanger, and also use painters tape so you don’t get paint on the chalkboard area. Set aside to dry. If you’re using chalkboard paint or paper, wait until the paint is dry before applying those (you can apply chalkboard paper with Mod Podge).


Next, find the Podgeable images and lettering you would like to use from your Podgeable Papers. I received the Romantic and the Classic Podgeable Paper pads. I chose a clock because I’ll be writing the time my laundry will be finished on the chalkboard. Then choose a Podgeable Shape that fits around it. Some have a little loop at the top, which you can also use to make jewelry, and some don’t have a loop. I traced around the Podgeable Shape with a pencil, and cut it out with scissors. I did the same with lettering that was also in one of the Podgeable Paper pads, and chose a Podgeable Shape for each letter as well.


I used an extra door hanger and chalkboard (because the paint is still drying) to position my Podgeable Shapes and chalkboard.


I traced each Podgeable Shape used for the lettering onto some Podgeable Papers (in random places) to serve as a background for the lettering.


Then I started Mod Podge-ing the paper to the shapes. I first brushed a layer of Mod Podge onto the front of the background paper for the letters, and stuck that on to the back of the Podgeable Shape.


Then I applied some Mod Podge to the back of the letter, and stuck that to the front of the Podgeable Shape, and brushed more Mod Podge on top of the letter to seal it (I did smooth out the Mod Podge a little bit more with my finger…used too much so it looks goopy. But it will dry clear). Repeat this with all the letters, and also apply the clock to the back of the Podgeable Shape. Set them all aside to dry (I left them on the silicone mat).


Next I worked on the other side of the door reminder. I will use a clothespin for us to clip mail or other papers, and another little chalkboard at the bottom.


I decided to cover this side with three different papers from my Podgeable Paper pads. For the main section, I used this key paper. Maybe to remind myself to bring my keys when I leave the house! So I traced the middle section of the door hanger (catching some of the door loop) onto the key paper.ModPodge12

Now the paint has dried on the door hanger. I brushed the back with Mod Podge and matched up the shape with the door hanger.


For the bottom part, I used this paper with handwriting on it.


At the top, I used some paper with buttons and other little images which had some color. I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge over all the papers to seal.


The Podgeable Shapes and the chalkboard frames have also dried, so I can start the fun part, which is embellishing the door sign. I used hot glue to adhere the Podgeable Shapes and the chalkboard frame to the “laundry” side.


Before I glued on the clock, I thought I’d take advantage of the loop that came with the Podgeable Shape and threaded some twine through it (I cut off the paper covering the back of the loop).


Then I added glue to one corner of the chalkboard frame, and stuck the clock Podgeable Shape on.


One more thing on this side…I cut out some button images from the Podgeable Papers and Mod Podge-d it directly onto the painted surface. Then I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge on top to seal. Done with this side!


Finally, I hot glued the paper clip (which I covered with some Podgeable Paper and adhered/sealed with Mod Podge) and the other little chalkboard to the other side of the door sign.


All done! Here’s the Laundry Reminder Side:


Write the time your laundry will be ready (in an hour after you start it, usually). You could also write if you have anything in your load that needs to be drip-dried.


Here’s the Everything Else Reminder side, for when there’s no laundry (is there ever no laundry?) to use for other reminders as you leave the house.


I’ve only scratched the surface of my Mod Podge box of goodies. Will be sharing more with you soon! In the meantime, enjoy these other Mod Podge projects by my fellow creative bloggers:

Be sure to visit your local Michael’s store to check out all of these new Mod Podge products! You can also learn more and find inspiration by visiting Plaid on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.


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Using Herbs in Dessert Sauces with TCBY Frozen Yogurt #TCBYGrocery #CBias

Using Herbs in Dessert Sauces with TCBY Frozen Yogurt

This year I’ve been fighting my black thumb of death and I actually have been growing some fresh herbs at home, like basil and mint. I don’t have a lavender plant, but I love the scent and buy it often.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Coffee Jelly Drink Recipe

Coffee Jelly Two Ways by The Silly Pearl

I’m thrilled to be showing you a recipe in honor of Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Red Cup Showdown! I’ve got my red cup (bought from Seattle, 8 years ago right after we got married, so it has the old logo!) and here’s my drink recipe, inspired by a Asian dessert and sometimes a drink: Coffee Jelly (or Coffee Jello or Coffee Gelatin). Served with some flavored milk or with coffee itself, it’s a refreshing, different, and delicious way to celebrate the flavors of Seattle’s Best Coffee. And I’ve made it two ways…sweetened with just sugar, and with sweetened condensed milk.

Coffee Jelly Recipe 2 Ways

Friday, June 22, 2012

Craft Tutorial: Shrink Plastic Curly Bead Necklaces

Shrink Plastic Curly Bead Necklaces by The Silly Pearl

I had one more sheet of shrink plastic left over from my Patriotic Centerpiece project. So I painted it in bright colors with acrylic paint.


Then cut it into nine 1-inch by 8-inch strips, and put them in the oven.


I had meant to make chain links, which was an idea on the shrink plastic packaging, but they curled up by themselves, and I thought it looked pretty cool.


All curled except for one, so I threw that one back into the oven for a few minutes.


And curled both ends around a chopstick, working really fast while it was still flexible (and hot…so I used tongs).


Note: Please see my previous shrink plastic tutorial for more details on working with shrink plastic.

I planned on making three necklaces…one for each of my girls and one for myself. You will need:


  • Cording (this one is Bamboo Cording, from Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry glue, such as Aleene’s Jewel-It

The first necklace was a cascading pendant of three beads. 1) Cut a 4-foot length of cording and fold it in half. Insert the folded end into one of the curls of the beads. 2) Then take the other end and insert both strands into the loop, and 3) pull until it is snug against the bead.


4) Form another loop with the cording, and 5) thread it through the 2nd bead. 6)Thread the first bead through the loop…


…7) and pull. You may need to scoot the 2nd bead down towards the 1st bead. Again, 8) make another loop, and thread it through the 3rd bead. 9) Take the 1st and 2nd bead, and thread it through the loop and pull.


10) You’ll have the two strands i.e. the opposite end of the loop remaining. That’s what will go around your neck. 11) To finish, tie a double knot up against the 3rd (top) bead.


And tie the two strands together to throw the necklace over your head.


The second necklace also uses three beads, but they’re knotted together side by side. 12) Cut about a 1-food length of cording. Thread one end through one curl of the 1st bead and center it on the cording. Tie a double knot. 13) Take the 2nd bead and thread both ends through one of the curls, crossing to the other side. 14) Tie a double knot, making sure the double knot is tucked inside the curl.


15) You’ll end up with two strands coming out from either side. 16) Trim with scissors, and 17) add a dab of jewelry glue. You can use a toothpick for more precise application. Go ahead and add some glue to that first knot as well.


The 1st bead will be the middle bead, so add the 3rd bead to the other side of the 1st bead. Do the same thing as with the 2nd bead (repeat steps 12-17).


To add the strands to go around your neck, just repeat the very first step but with a longer strand (maybe 2 feet long, or however long you need it to be to throw it over your head). And this is optional, but I added some double knots along each strand, just so they would stay together.


Then tie a knot in the back, and you’re done.


With the third necklace, it’s simply a single pendant on suede cording (there were 9 beads total, I know. Two broke during experimentation.) Just knot the cording on like the first step in the 2nd necklace.


Feel free to add more beads, but I like the shrink plastic beads to be center stage. They’re colorful enough to stand on their own. And kids could definitely paint their own as well.

The Silly Pearl Shrink Plastic Curly Bead Necklaces

shrink plastic necklaces sq



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