Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Product Review: A Block to Grown On by #ChildtoCherish

A good friend of mine just had a little baby girl! I can’t express how happy I am for her and her husband. I know it must be annoying to every new parent, but I will say it once and say it again: TIME.WILL.GO.FAST. Their baby will go through so many changes this year!

A Block to Grow On Baby Gift made by Child to Cherish

An oh-so adorable way to record all of baby’s milestones in her first year is A Block to Grown On by Child To Cherish. A Block to Grow on is a piggy bank shaped like a cube, but it also comes with a pen for you to record the baby’s changes through the first twelve months.

I shopped for my A Block To Grown On at Bloomingdale’s at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto.


They had the most beautiful dahlias growing outside (and all around the mall). Dahlias are my favorite. Here’s just one of many (there was even a deep purple one…must find that for my own home!). And I didn’t get a picture but they had HUGE hydrangeas growing as well. Ok sorry to get off topic!


We found the b-kids department upstairs. I spotted a display of A Block To Grow On up on a shelf.


They had blue and pink ones stocked.


I love that Bloomingdales has never changed their "brown bag”’s!


Here is a close-up picture at home. It’s packaged in plastic with a ribbon and gift tag, plus a permanent pen to record your baby’s stats and important dates.

A Block to Grown On Baby Gift by Child to Cherish

I have removed the packaging to give you a better look at it. The top has a slot for coins (there’s a hole with a plunger underneath for easy removal).

Child to Cherish - A Block to Grow On

Each side of the cube has a space to record stats for three months, plus a typical milestone that occurs during the first year or so.

A Block to Grown On - Baby Gift by A Child to Cherish

I can’t wait to give A Block To Grown On as a gift to my friends. We will be attending their baby’s Red Egg and Ginger celebration next month.

Child to Cherish Baby Gift Idea - A Block to Grown On

A Red Egg and Ginger Party is to celebrate the baby’s first month of life (back in the day, the first month was often not survived by the baby), and also marked a “coming out” of the new mother (who traditionally was confined for a month to recuperate from the birth; some Chinese mothers still do this, some do not anymore). The Red Eggs and the Ginger represent Yin and Yang, bringing good luck, warding off bad luck, and bringing back balance to the mother’s health. Red Egg and Ginger parties still go on today, to gather friends and family to congratulate the family and welcome the baby to the world.

Red Egg and Ginger

This is a gorgeous, meaningful gift to give to new parents. Or if you’re expecting, get one for yourself at Bloomingdales, or on the Child To Cherish website. You can also find Child To Cherish on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

A Block to Grow On Baby Gift made by Child to Cherish

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  1. What an adorable baby gift (and an incredible dahlia too).



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