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An Everyday Celebration #CollWhipFrosting

An Everyday Celebration with Cool Whip

Two years ago, my girls had their first day of preschool. If you knew me before I started this blog, you know what a difficult day it was for me. Actually, it was a difficult month! To say they had trouble adjusting would be an understatement. But one day, finally, something clicked and I watched them run into their classroom with the other kids…what a relief!

October 2010


So when Kindergarten started approaching this year, I started to become a little bit nervous. Would history repeat itself? But we were SO PROUD of our girls as they had a great first day of Kindergarten. It’s been a month, and everything has been going so smoothly.

First Day of Kindergarten, August 2012

First Day of Kindergarten 2012

I think back to that first day of preschool and I marvel at how far they’ve come. So when I was asked to create a cake with Cool Whip Frosting for an everyday celebration, I knew their Kindergarten Victory was definitely something worth celebrating! No it’s not their graduation or their birthday, but little things like this should be recognized and rewarded with something fun. Sometimes it’s a toy, sometimes it’s a special outing. But this time, it’s a special treat, plus the fun process of decorating the cake, with whatever they wanted and however they wanted. And Cool Whip Frosting was the perfect (not to mention easy for me) backdrop.

So the girls went shopping with me at Walmart to pick up some Cool Whip Frosting.


They chose chocolate:


And we also got some cake mix (hey it was a weekday!) and candies and sprinkles for decorating.


They also wanted some special party d├ęcor!


Please see more pictures from our Walmart shopping trip for Cool Whip Frosting on my Google+ page.

We got started on the cake when we got home.


The girls had fun swirling the chocolate into the vanilla batter.


I had planned to make a layer cake, but the girls decided they wanted their own individual cakes. I wish I had bought smaller pans so the cakes wouldn’t be so flat! Oh well, this detail wasn’t important to the girls.


First I lined the plate with parchment paper. I cut the paper in squares and then arranged them on the plate, so I can pull them out after I frost the cake. This will keep the frosting off the plate. Learned this from watching Food Network!


Mmmm frosting is looking really good.


Then I added some Cool Whip Frosting on the top and started spreading it around the top…


…and the sides. There wasn’t much side to work with, just one inch!


After I was finished, I removed the parchment paper slowly.


All done with frosting! That was quick and really easy. I’ve never frosted a cake before, so I’m glad they turned out well.


There was enough frosting in the container for both cakes and some left over. So if you were going to layer the cakes, it would be enough for one cake.


And now the fun part!!! So first, we tried these cake coloring pens we picked up at Walmart. I think that Cool Whip Frosting is too fluffy and light for the pens. Maybe they are more appropriate for stiffer frostings or fondant. Oh well.


So we continued on with the decorating. We used fruit snacks in their favorite characters, plus M&Ms and sprinkles.



All done! Yay!


Another fun thing about our celebration…I let them dip their fingers in the frosting. That’s the most fun thing about a frosted cake, right? Who knows when they’ll be allowed to do that again!


After dinner, they set the table with their festive plates and napkins.


The frosting was really light and fluffy, as mentioned, which we really enjoyed. And I loved that it was ready to go, right out of the container. And the most important part is that it tasted really good. The consistency was like homemade chocolate whipped cream.


This was definitely a special day, and it was great to see the pride in my girls’ faces as we commended them for a great start to their school life. Thanks Cool Whip Frosting for helping us create another warm memory.

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  1. How fun Steph! They look like they are delighted to be decorating the cakes!

  2. What a wonderful day! They look like they had a blast helping you make that cake. It looks delicious! I have to try that chocolate Cool Whip Frosting!

  3. They look like they had so much fun and they did a great job on their cakes!

  4. It looks like they had so much fun!!! The cakes look fun too!

  5. What a perfect way to celebrate the girls' Kindergarten adventure! Looks like they had a great time! Thanks so much for sharing your special day :)


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