Friday, August 24, 2012

Painted Glass Statement Necklace

It was so easy and fun to create this twist on a teardrop statement necklace with DecoArt Gloss Enamel Paints, made to paint on glass.

Painted Glass Teardrop Statement Necklace - The Silly Pearl

I used their line of frost paints to paint on some strands of glass beads, with the help of some thin paint brushes (also made by DecoArt), and some painters tape.


By the way, the DecoArt line of Gloss Enamel Paints, tools, and stencils are available at Michaels, not near the craft paints, but closer to the glass aisle (with the vases and candle holders):

Photo Aug 22, 6 00 16 PM

It was actually easier to leave the beads on the wire they came in. I just taped off the cut end so they wouldn’t go a-tumblin’.


Then with the painter’s tape, I randomly taped off the top of the beads, either showing a little or a lot of the bottom of the beads.


I started out with the turquoise frost paint.


And applied it to some of the beads, with a light touch.


Next I tried pink…


…but when I painted it on, it was really really light.


So I tried mixing the pink with some red.


And it shows a lot more (sorry it’s so streaky here! I should have used a lighter touch).


Purple was next…it was a lot more saturated.


Moment of truth…removing the tape!


First strand is done.


For the other strand of beads, I used black and white.


I did the same thing as with the other strand, so now I have 18 total beads for my necklace.


Taped them to the wall to dry (there’s a piece of paper behind the beads).


When the beads dried, I was ready to wire-wrap them to my chain. I used an 18-inch length of chain, plus a shorter (about 4-5 inches) for the upper strand. I also used 24-gauge wire, cut into eighteen 2-inch pieces, plus two small jump rings to attach the short strand to the long strand (so it makes a faux double-stranded necklace i.e. just the front is double-stranded. Finally, I have one more jump ring and a clasp. But if you use a chain with a clasp already attached for the long chain, then you don’t need the clasp and 3rd jump ring.


Fold the 18-inch chain in half to find the center. Wire-wrap the pendant…


And attach it to that center point. If you do not know how to wire-wrap, there is a great tutorial by Bev @ Flamingo Toes {Thanks Bev!}


I like to wire-wrap all of my beads at once up until the point where you’d wrap them to the chain.


Space each about 4 chain links apart, around the center one.


Repeat with the short strand, and also attach two jump rings to the ends of the short strand. Bev also has a tutorial for opening and closing jump rings in the same link above. {Thanks again, Bev!}


I wanted the top (short) strand to just slightly drape over the bottom strand, so I attached it with the jump ring about 2 inches above the last teardrop on the bottom strand, on both sides. Finally, attach a jump ring to the ends of the long strand, and a clasp to one of the jump rings (again, see Bev’s tutorial page, linked above).


And you’re done.

Painted Glass Statement Necklace byThe Silly Pearl

My eyeballs and curls decided to point to the west today.

The Silly Pearl - Painted Glass Statement Necklace

I also tried the frost paint on the window above my parents’ master bath doorway a few weeks ago. It was difficult to take a good picture of it, but I hope you get the idea. I used DecoArt stencils and a palette knife. *****UPDATE: I’ve posted a tutorial…click here to see how to create a faux frost etching effect.******

Painting Mom and Dads Window

Mom and Dads Window

For more information, helpful tips, inspiration and videos to help you get started using DecoArt’s line of glass paints, stencils and tools, be sure to visit the DecoArt website or follow #decoartglass on Twitter.

And find even more inspiration here from some of your favorite bloggers. More projects are added every few days for the next week or so, so be sure to come back and check for more!

Disclosure: This post was part of a paid campaign with DecoArt. All opinions are my own.


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  1. I love both of your projects, Steph!! The necklace is SUCH a fun idea! The teardrops look dipped which is really popular right now. The window over the bathroom door is just stunning!!

  2. So darling, Steph! I never would've thought of this :p. Love the window too!

  3. Steph!! I am so in love with your necklace!! The colors are so pretty on the beads! The window is awesome too!

  4. Thanks. Now I have to go buy some of those paints...seriously. LOVE!!! ;)

  5. Pretty! Did you try dipping them at all? I wonder how that would have worked. Love your parents bathroom window also! Nice design.

  6. Steph - this is so pretty! I just love it.

  7. Steph the necklace is very pretty. I also love the frosted window for your parents bathroom - very nice!

  8. This is a really cute project! I've considered getting some of the window paints before to try on glass beads, but jest never broke down and went for it. Thanks for showing me how easy it can be! :)

  9. Oh my gosh Steph, what a fabulous idea and outcome!

  10. Great idea, Steph...loved it and the window....Where did you buy the glass beads from? I have never seen these before, even though I subscribe to about 5 bead places on line, I am in Sydney,Oz, BTW...
    Love Sylvia x


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