Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Faux Etched Glass Window

Last week, I showed you how I used DecoArt Glass Paints to add color to a glass pendant statement necklace, and I’d shown you a little peek at my parents’ window above their master bath door which I had stenciled with the same type of paint. I wish I had gotten better pictures of the end result, but still I wanted to show you how I used the frost glass paint to create a faux etched glass effect.

Faux Etched Glass Window - The Silly Pearl

I used two flower stencils from this set.

Photo Aug 28, 2 45 51 PM

And after lots of experimenting with different brushes, I liked the smoothness that resulted from using a palette knife to apply the paint. Here I am practicing with another stencil and a piece of glass from a thrifted frame:


This is the paint I used on the window…the 3-D Frost Gloss Enamel Frosted Gloss Writer. I used it simply because it was in a squirt bottle and I didn’t have to deal with a paper plate up on the ladder. Note: if you didn’t spread out the paint and just left it in a line, the paint would have a 3-D effect to it.


Thanks dad for cleaning the window for me with rubbing alcohol, and for setting up the ladder!


At first, I squirted a line of paint onto the stencil like this an then dragged the paint down with the palette knife (like you would when screen printing), but it was difficult to work with that way.


So instead, I squirted the paint right onto the palette knife! I found that it was way less cumbersome.


The first three flowers, after I touched up the sides with a cotton swab dipped with rubbing alcohol. I had a bunch of pre-dipped swabs handy.


I just switched the direction of the stencil as I went across and diagonally down the window, so it would look like blossoms cascading down.

Painting Mom and Dads Window

Done with the first type of flower.


Then I used a different stencil of slightly smaller flowers (in the same stencil pack) as an accent, again turning it in different directions on the window, above and below the first set of flowers.


Argh! I could not get a good final picture of the window! These were the best two.

Mom and Dads Window

Faux Etched Glass Window by The Silly Pearl 

My parents have several windows like this, above their master bedroom door, around their home office doors, and there are also some small windows in the guest room. I’m sure I will be carting these paints back to their house again next time we visit!

Be sure to check my previous painted glass necklace post for more ideas from many of your favorite bloggers (scroll down to the bottom)!



  1. Looks beautiful, Steph! I like that you used all similar colors to make it subtle but eye-catching. Gorgeous. xo Jenna

  2. Very cute. Looks like fun stuff to play with :)

  3. Beautiful. I can think of several windows around here that could use this treatment. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just love how this turned out, Steph! It really looks like a custom piece of glass. :)

  5. So,so great Steph...I want to do this to all my windows....:) xo

  6. Very lovely! Can't wait to incorporate this into one of my crafts. This is actually my first time here. I've been clicking from one blog to another. It began with GraphicsFairy, then to Jaderbomb, then to Saved by Love Creations, then to your blog. How neat is that!

    Will be back!

  7. So so pretty! I wish I had a window over my bathroom (it's dark in there). Can't wait to try this out...thanks for sharing :)


  8. Steph, your window turned out absolutely beautifully!

  9. Love this idea :)! Gonna have to use it on my front living room window

  10. Stensil is really a cool idea to decorate!

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