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Back to School Shopping with Cookies Kids #momsguide #cbias

Remember last week when I posted about the Back to School MomsGuide? I used it recently to help me shop for Back to School. As mentioned, my girls are starting Kindergarten at the end of THIS month! And I asked my readers to give me some advice on staying organized (and sane and not freaked out) and they delivered. Thank you so much to those of you who commented. You really helped calm my nerves, along with the MomsGuide, which helped me pick out these purchases for my girls from


My girls have been using these totes for the last two years in preschool, along with insulated lunch bags. It’s time to be a big kid and move up to backpacks! Plus, their lunch bags have really taken a beating. The MomsGuide mentioned that Cookies Kids has backpacks so I clicked on over.

MomsGuide Back to School Guide CookiesKids_backpacks

They do have a huge selection, from plain for bigger kids, to themed ones for little kids like mine. I also remembered that the MomsGuide mentioned that Cookies Kids carries Hello Kitty products. My girls love Hello Kitty, as have I since I was their age. She’s timeless so I thought they would enjoy her longer than the other characters such as Dora or Disney Princesses. These were the two I thought my girls would like. And whoa, one of them is only $9.99!


And my girls did like them too at first, but when they clicked around the website themselves (my laptop has a touch-screen), they spotted the Dora backpacks in the “Recommended” column on the right, and they gasped, “DORA!” So I knew my hopes for Hello Kitty were out the window. Oh well, they’re only in Kindergarten once. Note: I was going to just order the Hello Kitty ones. But the owner of those two relaxed feet on the left, HE suggested I show them and ask their opinion. Not that I have anything against Dora, it’s just that Hello Kitty, as mentioned, is a little more classic and the girls would potentially like her for a longer time.

Photo Jul 29, 3 36 57 PM (1)

I added the Dora backpacks to my cart. They were such a great price, and came with detachable lunchboxes! We got two things done at once, which is great.


So what should I shop for next for the girls? I noticed in the MomsGuide these REALLY cute shoes! (I secretly just wanted to see if they came in my size, but sure, the girls could use some new shoes for school too!)

MomsGuide Back to School Guide CookiesKids_shoes

I know those flats are for older girls, so I wasn’t expecting to see them in my girls’ size. Unfortunately there wasn’t much appropriate for them in their size at all. Too bad!


So instead, I looked at polo-style shirts. The MomsGuide mentioned them as well and I agree that they are a really versatile, appropriate piece for school. My girls can also wear them to golf lessons on the weekends.

MomsGuide Back to School Guide CookiesKids_Polos

I found this fun striped one and chose two colors for my girls. These were the same brand as the summer outfits I got for my girls from last time (French Toast), so I knew they’d be good quality again.


I used the code CBTTS (which doesn’t expire until 10/15/2012) as shown on the back of the MomsGuide, to get an extra 10% off! And standard shipping is just $5 flat rate within the continental US. Since I spent more than $30, I will be getting a magazine for free as well.


My girls (again) GASPED! when their Dora backpacks arrived. They also insisted on trying on their new shirts.


Here’s how the lunchboxes attach to the bag, with a Velcro strap on each side. There’s also a mesh bottle holder on each side.

Photo Aug 02, 3 32 55 PM

The lunchbox is insulated on the inside. There’s just enough room for a small lunch…my girls only have snack time in Kindergarten so it’s a good size for them.

Photo Aug 02, 3 33 17 PM

I’ve told friends about the great deal I got for their backpacks and they are already clicking over to These days, it’s hard to find great deals on such cute stuff and they couldn’t believe the great prices. And I’m sooooo glad to have gotten some Back to School shopping crossed off my list!

Be sure to visit, as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages.


Have you started your back to school shopping yet? What’s still left on your list?

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  1. Very nice! It was sweet of you to buy the Dora ones for them!

  2. Those are great prices on backpacks! I have been stalling on buying new ones. I will have to check these out!

  3. So cute! I love that they each got Dora back packs!

  4. Great stuff! Isn't it fun to shop for clothes for your girls, that coordinate, but don't match-match? I think so, usually, if there are options. It can be frustrating too, if the choices aren't there though. Of course, with my triplets, I have the added challenge of a whole other department, to put together coordinating outfits, with 2 boys and a girl.
    Will your girls be in the same class? Always the big decision, with multiples going to school. LOL

  5. The girls look adorable in their colorful shirts and with their fun backpacks! Wishing you all a wonderful school year!



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