Monday, July 16, 2012

Pony Princesses by Pony Royale #CleverPonyRoyale

This post is sponsored by Pony Royale. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


I asked my girls what they thought of the Pony Royale Pony Princesses that we received to review. Here’s what they said:

“When I play with my ponies, I think they are good. I love their crowns. And also, I also love to hug them, with you, Mama.”–Sarah


“I love my ponies so much and I play with them. And, I read books with them. I like to eat with them too.” –Sophie


“I also love to read books with them too! I like my pony when she cooks with me.” –Sarah


“I also like to look at the map with them.” –Sophie “I like to look at the map with Dada.” –Sarah


“I like to watch tv with mine. Write that down.” –Sophie


“Ok I think that’s all.” –Sarah


There you are, a very honest review from my girls. Disclosure: they also said they wanted to eat a bed for lunch.

Now what does Mama think? Okay, I’ll be honest too. I am not a huge fan of girly toys. But the girly in me was enchanted by the Pony Royale concept, where a Pony and a Princess were born at the same time and shared the same birthstone in a magical land. Each month after that, another princess and another pony was born, 12 total. The ponies each have their own birthstone and represent an element (Land, Water, Air, and Fire).

Sunburst and Lavender Pony Royale

Watch the video…you’ll be enchanted too! And if you want to be able to get stuff done around your house, make sure you watch this alone or with headphones on. Otherwise, your girls will ask you to watch it over and over again. And then again and again and again. Then they’ll ask when the movie version is coming out.

The ponies themselves are super pretty. They come with two sets of manes and tails, a hairbrush, and you can remove the crown, saddle, and even the little bracelet. My girls love interchanging all the items between their two ponies.


The ponies each came with a map of their enchanted world. My girls’ ponies represented Fire and Land, so they got to see where their ponies came from. They love maps so this also provides lots of entertainment for them. My only wish is it came with a little storage pouch or box to hold all the little pieces. My girls happened to have decorated some jewelry boxes at summer school, so they use that now.


My girls have played with these for hours. I love toys that encourage imaginative role-playing, and the design-y side of me loves the many different combinations they can make with the interchangeable items. I think the Pony Royale Ponies a fun addition to my girls’ toy collection, a great way to balance the girly with non-girly. I know that they’ll be playing with their Pony Royale Pony Princesses for a long time.


Visit the Pony Royale website for more information. Look for Princess Ponies in
Toys R Us stores starting late July! Meanwhile, be sure to check out Pony Royale’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!


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