Monday, May 14, 2012

Retro Chip n Dip to Succulent Planter

Retro Chip Dip to Succulent Planter with Dyed Twine

I found this vintage chip-n-dip bowl set at the thrift store a few months ago.


And I added some rocks for drainage (from the dollar store).


After I repotted the (surviving) succulents we bought a few weeks ago (yes, I manage to even kill succulents), the girls decorated the soil with these shiny blue glass rocks (also from the dollar store).


The only bummer about this is after I added the soil, I lost that pretty amber color of the glass. So since there was a lot of brown going on, I wanted to add some blue to the pot. I dyed some butcher’s twine by squirting some craft paint onto a plate and swirled it around (by mixing the colors, I had a little bit of ombre/tie-dye going on, but it was subtle). Then I rinsed it out under running water, squeezed out the excess water and paint, and let it dry. I then wrapped it around the large bowl.


I like that the twine breaks up all the brown, and goes well with the blue glass rocks.

Succulents Planted in Retro Chip n Dip Bowl

Glad to be able to display one of my vintage finds while it serves a purpose!


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  1. Very creative Steph! (I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that can kill succulents! heeehee) I think the twine does break up the brown bowls -- very nice addition! :)
    Have a great week!!!!

  2. Hi Steph! Great repurpose. Secret to succulents..water a 8oz glass full every 10 days....if you over water they get mushy...underwater they dry and shrivel
    If you have a humid house water less they get moisture from the air around them.

  3. That is so cute! I love the repurpose of this this set. It really turned out great! Thank you for sharing this with us this week at TTF. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wow! How beautiful and creative. I absolutely love how it turned out.

  5. Steph, that is so darn clever! I would have never thought to use the chip/dip bowl as a two level succulent garden. It came out beautifully!

  6. amazing how you managed to change something so dated into something so fab! congrads.


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