Friday, May 11, 2012

Organic Container Gardening with Whitney Farms

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I'd been promising my girls to start a veggie garden for a few weeks now. We bought seeds and I rounded up some containers, since we only have a patio in the back. I'd also been reading a lot about the Whitney Farms® line of organic plant food, so I purchased some myself to try out.

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There were clear instructions on the back, and it was easy to mix with our organic soil. When I poured it out, it wasn't dusty or too smelly (kind of like fish food!). Upon reading more about Whitney Farms organic plant food, I learned it contains beneficial microbes, and all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Organic Plant Food

I am happy our garden is getting an all-organic start! We decided on two types of tomatoes (yellow and Brandywine), as well as basil, parsley and green onions. There might be little bit more room in that big planter for more. In the little pots, my girls sprinkled wildflower seeds, which we started a few weeks ago (I repotted and added some of the Whitney Farms plant food there as well).

If you'd like to try out Whitney Farms organic plant food, click the orange button below for a $3 off coupon. Wishing you a happy gardening season, and wish us luck too with our little garden!

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