Friday, April 6, 2012

Repurposed Boxes to Trash and Recycling Center

Last year, I made a trash and recycling center for my craft corner. Here’s how I made it out of a diaper box, a cereal box and a less-than-perfect plastic garbage can.


I can’t remember the last time I bought a big box of diapers from Costco, but for some reason I hung on to the last one and I’ve been using it as a catch-all box under my sewing table. Alongside it I kept a big garbage can, where I’d throw out both non-recyclable and recyclable trash. Then when it overflowed, I’d have to pick through and pull out the recyclables. Even though don’t normally throw out anything icky in my craft trash can, digging through garbage is not how I want to spend time!


So I decided to conceal the trash and recycling in the diaper box, while keeping them separate. I used a big Cheerios box for the recycling bin and swapped the big trash can with a smaller one in our bathroom that somehow got chipped on the rim. Since it would be concealed in the diaper box, I didn’t mind using it here. I like how they’re contained together, but the two bins can be removed separately when needed.


I cut off the tops of the boxes, then covered the boxes with kraft paper (mine is from IKEA just because I was there, otherwise I would have gotten it at the dollar store).  


I decorated the outside with some scrapbook paper. I cut 1-inch strips and cut them into parallelograms. I cut half facing one way and the other half facing the other way.


Joining them together, you make a chevron or zigzag pattern. 


I glued them on all the way around, spacing each row about 1.5 inches apart. 


Much better, and fits perfectly. Didn’t take too much time, and used things that I already had in my stash.


A year later, I’m still using it!


Linking: The CSI Project


  1. Okay, now that is being creative and green. :) And now I think I need some more chevron in my life. Maybe my next project, hehe.

  2. Hi Sthephanie!
    I'm visiting from the CSI project and I love all the recycling project involving no money to spand... but really pretty in the result... like your!!


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