Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fendi Peekaboo Patchwork Inspired Bracelet

This is the second of three bracelets I’ll be showing you week, inspired by three different designer bags. Here was the first bag and bracelet!

Today’s bag is the Fendi Peekaboo Tote, specifically this one in patchwork calfskin. I love the color combination and the clean graphic design, which I painted onto a little piece of wood. The bag also has leather detail up top, and I had the perfect leather bracelet to mimic that as well.

Bracelet Inspired by Fendi Patchwork Peekaboo Tote

Here’s how I made my Fendi-inspired painted wood cuff!



  • Leather bracelet – This was on clearance at Michaels. I liked the clean lines of this bracelet, which is slightly different than the ones I used for my previous designer-inspired whip-stitched bracelet.
  • Template for design (to make the design, I used a quilting ruler)
  • Rotary marker thingy (or use pencil/stylus and transfer paper)
  • Wood piece – Available at Michaels in the wood section (with all the other wood shapes)
  • Scissors
  • Craft paint – I used metallic gold paint and the rest are satin paints.
  • Painter’s tape
  • Dental floss (you’ll see why later!)
  • Pouncer brushes – I found these to cause the least bleeding underneath the painters tape.
  • Sand paper
  • Strong glue such as Gorilla Glue, but jewelry glue or E6000 might work.
  • Not shown: foam brush


The wood piece is 2x3 inches but we only need to use half. This wood was so thin that I just had to use my (not favorite) scissors to cut it! Then sand the edges as well as the top and bottom surfaces. There was a price tag on one side so I removed that and it left a little bit of goo. So I sanded that off, but just make that the back.

Then paint the back with black paint and the foam brush.


Why are you painting the back first? So this doesn’t happen. Sob!!! I finally got the design the way I liked it, and I ruined it with my sloppiness! So…paint the back first.


Then I used a quilting ruler to help me make the design to mimic the bag. It had some marks at right angles that were separated about 1/4 inch so I just put a piece of paper over and traced it. It was the perfect size for my wood piece.


Then use the rotary marker thing to make marks on the wood piece. I actually don’t recommend this. The paint would seep into the holes and the lines weren’t very crisp. If I had dark-colored carbon paper or transfer paper, I would have used that instead. Or I would have just tried to draw the lines with a pencil and ruler.


When the back dries, start taping off the front to create the design. I started with the dark green first…


…followed by the gold…


…then yellow in the corner. Make sure to dab your brush a lot, as you don’t want excess paint to ooze underneath the painters tape.



Once those dried, I taped off the sections where the black paint will go. But first, I painted a grey color. Remember the purse is patchwork? I liked that you could see the lines of the black pieces that were sewn together. When I just painted the whole section black, I didn’t like it as much. So the grey paint will become some thin lines to create a similar effect…that’s where the dental floss will come in!


So after the grey paint dried, I laid down the dental floss along the dividing lines. I removed the painters tape on the right side so I could line up the floss with the green, gold and yellow stripes up top.


Then I put that piece of tape back down. The dental floss was easy to work with because it’s a little bit sticky, so it stayed in place well. But I also taped down the ends to my table top.


And I applied black paint over the floss.


Moment of truth…voila!


One more black stripe in the bottom corner, and after touching up the side edges with a little bit of black paint, we are all done with painting.


Now to attach the wood piece to the leather bracelet. I used a piece of painters tape to find the best position for it. I wanted the clasp to be visible to mimic the handbag, so I put the wood piece close to it, as opposed to centered in the middle.


I drew an outline of the tape piece to mark where I should apply my glue. Gorilla Glue is what I had on hand, otherwise I would use E6000. Gorilla Glue expands so I had to be careful not to apply too much, using the outline as a guide. It did expand a lot! I ended up having to wipe some of it off with a dry paper towel.


All done.


I like that the leather strap is similar to that of the bag. I love the colors and the design. If I didn’t use the wood piece, I would have loved to get my hands on some colored vinyl (maybe by cutting up some thrifted handbags or belts), or I would paint some fabric, and sew the pieces together.

fendi inspired bracelet

Two down…


…one more to go! This time there will be a little bit of sewing involved!




  1. ooo... I love that design! This would be a fun piece to wear. You are so talented!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the geometric and modern design on this bracelet. Girl you are rockin' these tutorials! I am in love with both bracelets and can't wait to see the next one!


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