Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ScribbleShop Challenge: Feather Brooch

I am so excited to be a part of the ScribbleShop Craft Challenge! Along with a few other creative bloggers, I was sent a mystery box of craft supplies, with the challenge of making something with as many of them as I can. Sound familiar? Reminds me of Iron Chef, Chopped, and Project Runway! Love those kinds of shows so this was a lot of fun, and yes, challenging! And I didn’t even have Chairman Kaga looking on. Here’s what I made…a Feather Brooch:

Feather Brooch Tutorial

Before I go on about the challenge and my project, I really want to tell you about ScribbleShop. They pretty much have every craft supply you’ll need for your creative projects. I looked up several of the supplies I have in my own craft stash and yep, they’re available at ScribbleShop. Plus, there were other brands for the same supplies that I had never heard of before…it was nice to know of some alternatives to try out.

Okay, onto the challenge! Here is what I was sent:


In addition, I used these supplies from my own stash (but you can also get them (or something very similar) at ScribbleShop):


I had a lot of ideas for my project, but I was always stumped by one or two of the products. Mainly it was the feathers! Every time I showed someone what I got, they would ask “What are you going to do with THOSE?!” At first, I thought I would try to hide them or minimalize them somehow, but then I thought, why not celebrate them, and make them the highlight of my project? So that’s how my feather brooch idea came about.


First I cut out a piece of cardboard (from the feather packaging) and two pieces of felt for the brooch backing. I glued a piece of felt to either side of the cardboard.


Then I started arranging the feathers onto the backing in the form of a fan. I used black feathers in the background, and just one turquoise and one blue feather on top.


I ran a bead of glue along the stem of the feather and gently pressed it down onto the backing.


Next is the fabric and glitter “feathers” I made. There was one pattern in the charm pack with these fern leaves that could also pass as feathers. I first sprayed some fabric stiffener on the front and back.


Then I microwaved the fabric to speed up the drying process, for about 1 minute (thanks Jenn @ Rook No. 17 for the tip!).


I cut out the feathers from the fabric, which now feels like soft paper.


And I used the Martha Stewart glitter and glue set to trace along the pattern on the fabric.


Then I sprinkled on the glitter.



Here’s an ombre one for fun.


When they dried, I arranged them on top of the feathers and hot glued them on.


Finally we need to use the brads, felt roving and chalkboard paint. I painted one of the brads with the chalkboard paint.


And when it dried, I drew a fan pattern with chalk.


I wrapped some felt roving around another brad, and secured it with hot glue in the back.


I glued both brads down with a 3rd brad (as is) to adorn the feathers. Then I glued on the pin back and thought I was done.


But I thought the felt roving was a little blah looking, so I drew on some glitter glue in a starburst pattern…


And sprinkled on a little more glitter. Now I’m done!


I’ll definitely save this for dressy occasions. I can wear it to spruce up my go-to black dress, upside down at the hip:


Or to dress up a jacket, pinned on the lapel (this I actually would do at a less formal occasion)


Or pinned to this long vintage czech glass necklace.


Or pinned to a headband, if I dare!


Working with feathers AND wearing something with feathers is something out of my comfort zone. I can definitely hear Nina Garcia reply “I find this a bit costume-y, and I question your taste level.” And maybe Michael Kors would crack a joke about poultry (how about these: “The duck pond called, they want their feathers back” or “That’s just fowl”). But then, what I love about creating as well as fashion is that you can always learn something new and do something you never thought you would do!

Thank you to ScribbleShop for the opportunity to participate in this Craft Challenge! I was really impressed by their selection so I’m really excited to tell you about them.


Be sure to “Like” ScribbleShop on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and add them to your circles on Google+. And until April 30, 2012, use the discount code SILLYPRL at checkout for 15% off your purchase!

I received compensation and product for this blog post, but all opinions are solely my own.



  1. Stephanie this is amazing! I really, really love it.

  2. This is amazing!! Love the painted and glittered fabric you did!

  3. I am laughing OUT LOUD about your commentary... "That's just fowl." HA! Hilarious :)
    I didn't realize there were 2 packages- feathers! Wow! You are AMAZING for making something so creative (and darn cute) with those- that would have been a huge challenge! I thought green marbles were tough ;) Love the brooch as a belt, esp. Cute cute!


  4. That turned out SO pretty! Love all the ways you can use it! :)

  5. You are so hilarious!!! It turned out beautiful! Yes, very fancy indeed and very versatile! GREAT job, Steph!

  6. That's fantastic!! I'm in love with the color combination and all the different ways you can wear it! (oh yeah, and you too!! hysterical!) Great job!

  7. Wow! I am impressed! You impressed those feathers and it turned out great! :)

  8. Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for participating in the Scribble Shop Challenge.

    The feather brooch turned out really nice!!! I like how you attached it to different items to show how it can be used, my favorite is on the headband!

    We are posting the finalist on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ScribbleShop tomorrow, March 30th, 2012.

    Stay Tunned!


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