Thursday, March 8, 2012

Roasted Tomatoes with Pesto and Parmesan on Multiples in the Kitchen

For this month’s Multiples in the Kitchen post, the girls and I made Roasted Tomatoes with Pesto and Parmesan. Now and then they ask to watch “cooking” i.e. the Food Network. I don’t mind at all…it’s a welcome break from cartoons! I was pleasantly surprised when they asked to make this Ina Garten recipe.

Roasted Tomatoes With Pesto and Parmesan

I love watching them cook together. Since I started writing this monthly series for the Multiples and More Blog Network almost a year ago, they have become more familiar with kitchen tools, and I can see an improvement in their skills as well. In other words, they sprinkle things much more accurately now!


Check out the recipe and more pics on my Multiples in the Kitchen post today.


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