Friday, March 23, 2012

Crafty Food: Springtime Lollipops

Spring Lollipops

I came across a post by A Little Art Can’t Hurt to make these lollipops with my girls. But instead, we made them into springtime shapes. I was mainly inspired by this drawing by one of my girls.

Edited: The original idea for this is from Meaghan @ The Decorated Cookie (here are her Easy Lollies, who also recently created the Life Savers flower pops herself!). Thank you Meaghan for letting me know!


We used both Jolly Ranchers and and Life Savers, plus long lollipop sticks, parchment paper and foil (I found this combo type) and a cookie sheet.


First we unwrapped the candies


Then we made them into our shapes. I had meant to just make flowers, but the girls had other ideas. They made caterpillars and rainbows (which turned out well), and a ladybug and a butterfly (which didn’t work as well…we’ll have to work on those again!).


Put them in a 200 degree F oven for about 5 minutes, watching it carefully. When the candy starts to melt, remove it from the oven, then press in your lollipop sticks. Let them harden and you’ll eventually be able to remove them from the parchment paper. The Jolly Ranchers melted faster than the Life Savers, and the Jolly Ranchers also turn out more glass-like while the Life Savers are more opaque.


Wish I had tried to pop that little bubble there.


All done. The flowers


The caterpillar (yes I know the antenna are like rabbit ears, so maybe we’ll try a rabbit next time!)


A rainbow. They insisted on making it into an arch, which I didn’t think would stay together, but it did!


This uses a whole lotta candy at once! Our kiddos would definitely be tempted to eat one a day, so we will be giving almost all of them away as gifts (and my husband will probably bring some to his office). And we won’t be trying this again until maybe their birthday. But, it was a lot of fun, a (very very!) sweet way to welcome Spring.

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