Thursday, January 26, 2012

Five Reasons to Save Those Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

When my husband comes to the end of a toilet paper roll, I know he secretly wants to throw it into the recycle bin. But he knows I will just fish it out. To show that hoarding empty toilet rolls can benefit everyone (not just silly Mama), I’ve gathered five (of many many) things to make with toilet paper rolls…for the whole family.

1) For kids: Make a toilet paper roll snake at Playpennies.


2) For kids (and Mama): Make a Valentine’s Day bracelet with Fine Craft Guild


3) For Dada: Make a cord organizer at Instructables


4) For Mama: Make a pretty doily scissor holder at Creative Balorina


5) For everyone: Make biodegradable seed starter pots from Mother Earth News.


Now to figure out how to store the toilet rolls, before I make stuff out of them!



  1. My parents always save their loo rolls to start growing their plants for the allotment in!

  2. These are great ideas. Another one I saw recently was a candy box of sorts, where you fold the 2 ends in.


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