Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paper Doily Fairy Lights with Hazel and Honeysuckle

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle is our last but not least guest poster this month.
We first “met” when I was still posting crafts on my personal blog, and she has been supportive of The Silly Pearl since I started it…she’s one of my first followers!
But before we get started on her project, please join me in congratulating her on her recent engagement! Yay!
Hi everyone! I'm Rissa from Hazel and Honeysuckle.
I'm thrilled to be here today guest posting for Steph!

If you ever get a moment, pop on by and say hello! I enjoy doing lots of different things including baking cupcakes, creating jewellery and making cards, and of course I share some tutorials on my blog!

At the moment my wonderful man and I are planning our engagement party - it's very exciting! So I thought I'd share one of the little decorations I've made for it so far.

Paper Doily Embellished Fairy Lights

What You Need:
* 1 string of fairy lights
* 1 paper doily for each light on your string
(I used 1/2 small and 1/2 medium sized doilies)
* Clear sticky tape
* Double sided tape
* Scissors

What To Do:
Take one of your doilies and make a cut from the outside to the centre. Put a little bit of double sided tape on the back of one of the cut edges, overlap that edge over the other to make a cone shape. Secure the other loose edge with another small piece of double sided tape.


Now make one of these for each light on your string of fairy lights ...

Right, time to put it all together!

Snip the tiniest bit off from the tip of your cone, just enough so you can push your fairy light through. When the light has been pushed through, take a small piece of clear tape and wrap it around the bottom of the cone to hold everything in place, like so:

Repeat with a new doily cone for each light on your string.

Viola! It doesn't get much better than lacy fairy lights!

Easy peasy and super cute!

Tip: You could also attach doily cut-outs, tissue paper pom poms or other embellishments in between each light to fill out your string even more!

Thanks so much for letting me guest post today Steph! <3


Oh to be getting married again! I wish I could have adorned my reception area with these twinkly lights! Rissa, can’t wait to see what else you will be making for your big day! Enjoy the planning!

She has already created another pretty decoration that will go so sweetly with the lights…these LED-lighted party jars:


She also makes amazing jewelry. I love these Anthro-Inspired Tea Rose Earrings she made out of polymer clay:


Rissa also hosts a really fun linky party on Sundays. It is one of my favorites, where you share something you’ve made with scraps. It can be fabric, paper, anything!

Thank you Rissa for sharing you tutorial today!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vintage Wrap Dress

A warm evening out called for something floral and colorful.


Dress: Thrifted, circa 1970s. Necklace: from Verseau Vintage (as highlighted here). Bag: My Roll-Up Tote.

Linking: Apron Thrift Girl :: Southern Hospitality :: Meet Virginia :: The Thrifty Groove :: Born Again Crafter :: The Pleated Poppy

PS One more fabulous guest poster coming up, then I’ll be back with a new fall tutorial next week!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Get to Know Lyssa at born again crafter

Hi everyone! Please welcome Lyssa @ born again crafter. Get to know her, stop by her blog and say hello!
I am so happy to here visiting with you guys today.  I am visiting from my site, born-again crafter.  So let's see...a little bit about me. I live in a small town named Cashmere in the Cascade Mountains.  I have 3 beautiful, crazy kids that also make me crazy.  To find some sort of sanity, I craft.  I dabble in all sorts: scrapbooking, cards, furniture redos, sewing, thrifty redos.  I also have become obsessed with Thrift stores and vintage sheets :) Other than that, I try to balance my life as a mom, wife & crafter.  If someone has the answer to that, let me know! Let me show you a few of my favorite crafts i've done lately: Just finished up a Purple Party for my daughter's 4th birthday.  Here's a sneak peek at the invites :)
This is my all-favorite project i've done and probably the cheapest one too.  This only costed me .45 cents!
I am loving sewing these days, especially when you can take something old and make it new, like this dress I made for my daughter, out of vintage sheets!
Have I enticed you? Well good!  Come on over and check out my blog and....


I love Lyssa’s budget-friendly but huge-wow-factor projects, as well as her vintage style. And I wanna have a purple party too please.

Like this project…piece of scrap wood transformed into a chevron growth chart. I need to find the “free wood pile” in my town! And check out how she gift-wrapped it (scroll to the end of her post)…love it!


And be sure to join her Sunday linky party if you have thrifty finds or handmade projects to share.

Thanks Lyssa for sharing your part of the bloggy/crafty/thrifty world today!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ephemera Cameo Wreath with Rook No. 17


Today’s guest is Jenn @ Rook No. 17.


I gotta tell ya…I had trouble coming up with an introduction for Jenn. First of all, you probably know her already. And second of all, her supportiveness, friendliness, creativity and talent are beyond simple words. It is such an honor to have her as a guest today.

Jenn let me pick from her lovely tutorials to post on my blog. I saw this wreath andi instantly thought it was so her and that you would enjoy it too. Even though it’s a July 4 wreath, I can totally see it with a holiday theme as well…I imagine it next to my Christmas tree with vintage Santa photos or other holiday clipart that’s sure to be out there somewhere, together with some Christmas hymns or quotes. President’s Day is also around the corner from the holidays, and this wreath would be so educational for little ones (and big ones alike).

Enjoy the tutorial!


Hello Silly Pearl fans! I'm Jenn ~ the crafter, baker and glitter shaker behind the creative nesting place, Rook No. 17 where I share my original recipes, vintage inspired crafts and cake decorating tips and tutorials.  I'm delighted that Steph has invited me here today to share my personal twist on a Blogland favorite -- the book page wreath.
The Ephemera Cameo Wreath was born in the wee hours one night before our annual 4th of July Chili Cook-off.  I had decided not to stress over decorations, but changed my mind around midnight.  Forced to use only what I had on hand: a handful of old book pages, a scanner, my trusty glue gun, and some inspiration from "Poor Richard", I put together an aptly themed wreath to welcome our guests at the door.
Imagine an Ephemera Cameo Wreath with photos of your ancestors, your favorite authors, great thinkers, famous women, poets, artists, or silhouettes of your family!
If you'd like to use the images of the US Presidents, you can download them for free here:
Ephemera Cameo Wreath Tutorial
The process, as you might imagine, is simple:
4thofJuly009.jpg picture by sarahjmorriss1) Find yourself a wreath to use as your "canvas". I used a grapevine wreath leftover from Christmas crafts, but you could use foam or wire as well.
2) Make paper rosettes in different widths and sizes. I used three different types of paper from old books that I purchased, already falling to pieces, at garage sales. I like the contrast of the different shades of aging provided by the dictionary pages, sheet music pages, and school primer pages. To make a paper rosette out of a single piece of paper, your paper will need to be at least three times as long as it is wide.  For smaller paper (like those I used from the school primer), make two separate fan folds and glue together for a full rosette.
4thofJuly011.jpg picture by sarahjmorriss3) Dry-fit the rosettes around the wreath to achieve good proportion and layout. When you're satisfied with the design, glue in place.
4) Print black and white bust portraits on watercolor paper (or other medium weight ivory colored paper). Trim and then mount on black paper. Trim, leaving a thin black border. 
5) Glue "Cameos" in the centers of some of the rosettes.
4thofJuly007.jpg picture by sarahjmorriss
6) Print names of each person on same paper as the cameos. Trim to create thin banners and v-cut the ends. Optional: embellish with small Dresden accents.  Bend to give dimension. Glue each side of name banner just beneath Cameo, allowing the center to bow out.
7) Optional: Print quotes or anecdotes appropriate to your subject. For my wreath, I chose some clever, witty, and inspiring quotes from Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack. Trim, v-cut, bow and glue in similar fashion to the name banners.


Oh I can’t wait to make one of these wreaths! When I go thrifting today, I’ll be on the lookout for old books (I passed one up at a yard sale last month…d’oh!).

You’ll find lots of inspiration for holidays (and any other day) on Jenn’s blog:

I made Jenn’s printable Chinese New Year red envelopes last year, and were a huge hit with my tween/teen niece and nephew. I’ve grown weary of the in-store ones (as have they) and these were just perfect. So how did I know they were a hit? When I gave it to them, they didn’t mutter “Thanks Goo-Jay (i.e. my dad’s younger sister)” and stash it in their pockets as usual. This time, they said “Oh COOL! Thanks Goo-Jay!” and kept looking at them.


And her baking skills are beyond amazing. These Fondant Toadstools are so sweet, and she breaks it all down with a tutorial.

mushroom_toadstool_cake 007-1

I could go on and on and post more but I will let you explore and enjoy her other tutorials and cake art on her blog.

Jenn, thank you so much for being here today!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Featuring: Pendants By Steph

No not me Steph, another Steph! Steph @ Pendants by Steph!


For one thing, I could never make these lovely hand-stamped pendants that Steph creates.


Or these completely adorable hand-stamped utensils. I have never seen anything like these before. Look at these Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Forks! Oh how I wish I had these gorgeous keepsakes from my wedding day.


And hand-stamped wedding spoons! They make me swoons!


Steph is so creative. And when she comes up with a new design, there’s always a story behind it. Her pendants inspire, spread love, and lift the spirit.


She can make a personalized pendant for your BFF, a beloved teacher, or a special relative. My mom would love this with her grandkids’ names on it.


I was so lucky to receive a pendant of my own. Yay for pretty packaging.


This is the Malia Pendant with my girls’ names on it. It’s such a sweet pendant that I will always cherish.



If you’d like a beautiful hand-stamped pendant, charm or keepsake of your own, please visit Pendants by Steph to see her designs and to read more about her creations, and shoot her an email with your specifications.

Thanks so much Steph for your handmade treasures and for making them with such love!

I received a pendant to perform this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Kids Fanny Pack with The L-T Experience

I am so excited to share this fun tutorial with you, by Tawny, owner of the Etsy Store Tawny Bee


…and Blogger and Amazing Wife and Mama @ The L-T Experience.


I love Tawny’s projects. Her personality definitely shines through them all. They are pretty, cute, cool and practical as well.

Oh and please ignore what she says about her version of my firecrackers below. With all her talent, she is so modest. In fact, I seriously plan to copy her way of displaying the firecrackers (which I showed off here) for next Chinese New Year!

Okay Tawny, you’re up!


Hi, I'm Tawny from The L-T Experience.  My blog includes the regular adventures of Tawny, Terry, Logan and Lane (Team L-T) with a pile of crafty stuff thrown in for good measure.

When Steph asked me to guest post on her blog, I jumped at the chance.  I always look forward to seeing a post by her in my reader.

We "met" when I tried out her tutorial for Chinese Firecracker Decorations on Chinese New Year. We've been great bloggy buddies ever since.  And she was super nice about my attempt at her lovely tutorial.  Even though they weren't perfect, they didn't turn out too badly :)

My favourite posts on The Silly Pearl involve crafting for kids.  So I thought I'd share a fun 80's throwback fanny pack design for kids with all of you today.

Isn't it cute?  Want to make one in slightly less jarring colors?  My children chose the fabric.  I think it's very appropriate considering we're making a fanny pack.  Neon and 80s fashion go hand in hand don't they? 

Here's how:

Materials Needed:
0.4 yard of main fabric
0.4 yard of lining fabric (this fabric should be of a heavier weight like denim or heavy canvas unless you want to use interfacing on the pieces instead)
0.4 yard of fusible interfacing
- coordinating thread
- plastic buckle of your choice
- a scrap of Velcro

Time Needed:
This project should take anywhere from 1 - 2 hours

Skill Level Needed:
The trickiest part was figuring out how to attach that silly plastic buckle.  The sewing is skill level easy.

Step One:
Cut out the following pieces:
A. 2 rectangles 11 by 7 inches (one of main fabric, one of lining)

B. Two rectangles 4 by 6 inches (one of pocket fabric, one of lining)
C. Two rectangles 5.5 by 6 (one of pocket fabric, one of lining)
D. Two rectangles 5.5 by 3.5 (one of pocket fabric, one of lining)
E. Two rectangles 12 by 2.5 inches (both out of main fabric)
(You may choose to use interfacing to make your fanny pack more sturdy. Cut out all pieces once of interfacing and fuse it according to manufacturers instructions).

Step Two:
Use pieces B. Pin the lining to the pocket piece - right sides together. Stitch around all sides leaving an inch of two along the bottom for turning.  Trim seams, Turn right side out. Pin pocket onto main fabric piece (A) on whichever side you'd like.  Stitch along both sides and bottom, making sure to close the hole while stitching.

Stitch 2 straight lines about an inch apart from the top of the pocket to the bottom in order to make pencil holding columns.

Step Three:
Take pieces C and D. Cut the bottoms to make them rounded.  I just eyeballed mine, but you could use a bowl or CD or anything round to help cut the bottoms.

Prepare pocket C and Pocket Flap D in the same manner as you did for pocket B (right sides together, stitch all sides leaving an opening. Make sure to leave the opening along the bottom for pocket C and the top for flap D.

Before you sew the pocket onto the main piece of fabric, attach the Velcro.  Cut a small piece of Velcro and centre the hook side of it onto the top of the pocket.  Stitch in place.

Then pin your pocket onto the main piece beside your pencil holding pocket.  Stitch in place along the rounded edge making sure to close the hole you left.

Pin and Stitch the top pocket flap in place along the top of the pocket.  Measure where the remaining piece of Velcro needs to be and stitch it in place on the pocket flap.

Step Four:
Fold the two long sides and one short side of belt pieces E down 1/4 inch and press.  Then fold the long pieces in half and press again.  This will make the belt shape you want.  Stitch two lines along the belt pieces (one to close  up your fold and one for decoration).

Pin the belt pieces on each side of the main fabric pieces close to the top.  Baste in place.

For the next step, I found it helpful to pin the belt pieces in place in the center of the main piece just to keep them out of the way.

Step Five:
Pin the main fabric piece to the lining piece A - right sides together.  Stitch around all sides making sure to leave a couple of inches opening.  Trim seams and turning right side out.  Top Stitch around all sides making sure to close the hole you left.  Attach plastic buckle (this seriously was the most frustrating step.  How on earth do those things go on?). 

Voila!  The 80s called and they want their neon fanny pack back.  Hehehehe

My son "wrote" out a grocery list just like his daddy was doing and placed it in the Velcro pocket.  He then put his pencil in the holder and he was set for a grocery shopping trip with daddy.  Like totally rad dude!


Tawny is a mama after my own heart…I love that she too involves her kiddos in her crafts and lets them freely choose fabrics. I think Logan’s choices were like totally tubular!

Fanny packs aren’t the only thing Tawny is bringing back in a good way. I adore her modern versions of macrame. One of my many favorites is this Chinese Braided Autumn Neck Warmer.


I also love her inventions to make life easier. She sells these Lost Sock keepers in her Etsy shop.


Tawny my friend, you are on my list of bloggers whom I wished lived near me. Thank you for being here today!


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