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Repurpose a Vintage Yarn Basket with Martha Stewart’s New Paint Line


I was so very very blessed to receive a big box containing the Martha Stewart Crafts Decorative Paint Line by Plaid. Head over to your local Michael’s Craft Store, where this line is being sold exclusively…you may find the shelves stocked by now!


I knew the paints, stencils and tools would come in handy for what I love to do lately, which is repurpose thrift store finds. A few weeks ago, I found this 70s fabulous yarn basket for $6.


I don’t knit very much, but I loved the detail of the handles. The fabric…not so much, so I planned to change that out. I bought it anyways, not sure what I would do with it.


Then my mom came over one day, and while I was giving the girls a bath, she noticed their dirty clothes on the floor. I was already proud of them for putting them in the same spot on the floor every time (then I scoop them up and put them in the laundry room downstairs), but my mom has higher standards!


She said “You’re training them to throw clothes on the floor! Find them a basket or something to put them in!” Oh all right, I said reluctantly. Then I remembered my yarn basket, which I have now repurposed into a hamper for my girls, made pretty by Martha Stewart!




  • Martha Stewart Satin Paint (colors below)
  • Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit
  • Martha Stewart Stencil Brushes, Pouncers, Paint Roller and Stripe Brushes
  • Martha Stewart Medium Stencil (Eyelet Lace Design)
  • Masking Tape or Painters Tape
  • White primer
  • Plain cotton fabric
  • Fusible webbing (I used Heat ‘n’ Bond Light)

{Note: I will include a tutorial for the bag itself in another post, to keep this one focused on Martha Stewart’s products}

First I removed the original fabric and started painting the frame. I could not wait to try the Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit!!!


Buying a whole can of spray paint in one color can get quite expensive as well as take up a lot of space! For small jobs like this, the Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit is perfect. You just need equal parts of satin paint in your color choice (I used Jonquil) and the Satin Spray Medium. You pour both into the bottle that comes in the kit, shake it to mix, and then attach the sprayer (don’t shake after you attach the spray).


It goes on so smoothly and easily. I applied two coats over some white primer, and I barely filled half the plastic bottle (that’s combined paint and medium) so I didn’t use that much paint. At $2.99 a bottle of paint, that’s really economical. In addition, it was convenient to not have to go to the store to buy spray paint…I already had my color on hand!

yarnbasket4 yarnbasket5

As that dried, I started to stencil. So. Much. Fun. I last stenciled in middle school! I’d forgotten how much I love it.


I used some vintage-inspired fabric I found at the thrift store for $1.50 for 2 yards! The print inspired my color palette: Mint, Pink Carnation, Jonquil, Carrot, and I also added Raspberry Ice (a fuschia color). There are 160 total colors to choose from in the line, not only in satin finish but also pearl, metallic, glitter (woo!) and high-gloss.


Because I plan to wash the bag periodically (since it will be holding dirty clothes), I want to make sure the paint will stay on. It’s amazing that I can use the same paint I just spray painted on wood onto fabric as well! All I have to do is mix the paint with fabric medium (2 parts paint, 1 part medium) and after heat setting after 24 hours, it’s safe to go in the wash!

By the way, Martha Stewart Paints not only can be applied to wood and fabric, but also glass (dishwasher safe), terra cotta, metal and ceramic. In addition, they are suitable for indoor/outdoor use and are non-toxic so children can use them as well.


First I tried the stencil brushes on this butterfly.



Then I tried a roller on this doily-shaped design. The roller also comes with its own plastic bottle for mixing the paint with medium. If you don’t need medium, the roller attaches right onto the paint bottle.




The stencil brushes and roller were so easy to use, but my favorite stenciling tools were definitely these pouncer brushes. I found them to apply the paint very evenly.



And I also couldn’t wait to try these stripe brushes.



I made my own plaid fabric!


Instead of stenciling right onto the bag fabric, I thought it would be cool to add some dimension by making appliques out of the stencils. So when the plaid paint dried, I cut it into shapes


And I also cut around the stenciled shapes


I then traced the cut-outs onto some Heat ‘n’ Bond fusible webbing. The rectangle at the bottom of the pic would normally be used as a trim or border, but I stenciled a short length and made it into a pocket where my girls can put their hair accessories before bath time (which we keep downstairs…we are always losing them!).


I arranged them on the bag fabric


And I fused the appliques then stitched them.


For the pocket, I lined it with the print fabric and sewed that to the bag as well.


Again, will have a full tutorial on how to make the bag in another post. But here’s the finished product upstairs by the bathroom.





Most importantly, the girls love it. Glad to help them develop good habits (and Grandma will be happy too…also important).



I was so delighted to try out Martha Stewart’s new line of paints, tools and stencils by Plaid. They were so easy to use, easy to clean, convenient and of really really high quality. I have barely made a dent in my supplies, so there will definitely be more projects to come!


PS You’ve got to see what other bloggers are making with these awesome products. Visit Crafterminds every few days for a round-up:

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Full post disclosure here.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shadowbox Jewelry Challenge

I am so excited to be sharing what I made for the Shadowbox Challenge, hosted by Lorelei @ Lorelei’s Blog Inside the Studio!

Several of us were randomly chosen to receive a Shadowbox made by C Koop Beads, and all we had to do was be creative. Here’s a close-up of the shadowbox I was sent. It’s the prettiest blank canvas I have ever seen, with so many possibilities.


When I received my shadowbox, I of course procrastinated, and then came down with a cold! So for a week I just vegged out at home (with my girls, who were also sick). I did have the pendant on my mind though. I thought about lots of different designs but nothing really did it for me.

One day I looked up at the ceiling while laying down on the couch and studied our original-to-the-house entryway light fixture. I have always loved the combination of the clear glass with gold/copper hardware.


Then later I was daydreaming my eyes fell onto this mid-century ottoman I recently found at a thrift store. My favorite thing about it is the gold swirl pattern on top. I love it against the cream background and with the dark legs.


Later, I was curled up on the couch watching Mad Men. It was the episode where Don and Betty went to Rome for a night, and Betty made an appointment at the beauty salon (and we also learn that she can speak Italian). She met Don for dinner wearing the biggest and loveliest gold drop earrings (though you may have missed them if you couldn’t stop staring at her hair):

don-and-betty-draper-episode-8 Photo via here.

And my design came together.

ckoop1e ckoop1a


I embroidered a swirl pattern onto some fabric using gold metallic embroidery floss…


…which I trimmed down to size, and then applied Fabric Mod Podge to the back to adhere to the Shadowbox.


To make the necklace part, I finger-knitted (remember that?) some gold silk cording.

ckoop2 ckoop8 ckoop9 ckoop10

My shadowbox had a pair of connector holes drilled into opposite sides. Through one side, I wire-wrapped a big gold drop with a big crystal bead.

ckoop11e ckoop11h

And through the other side, I wire-wrapped an “S” charm (for myself),


So the “S” is centered in the middle of the embroidered swirl pattern.


Then on the other side, I wire-wrapped a jump ring…


…through which I threaded the finger knitting.


To add some subtle sparkle, I hung some small crystal beads throughout the finger knitting on some head pins. They aren’t too visible, but they sparkle when they catch the light.

ckoop15 ckoop16

I knotted the ends of the finger-knitting together as it is long enough to just throw over my head.

ckoop1c ckoop1h 

Our 7th Anniversary is this weekend! I’ve got my outfit ready…a thrifted vintage dress and a little jacket from Ann Taylor. Though my girls have been expecting me to wear this outfit every day: “Mama, where’s your sparkly necklace and sparkly jacket and twirly dress?”

Here is a list of all of the Shadowbox Challenge participants…get ready to be amazed at what they created!

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Thank you to Lorelei and C Koop Beads for this fun opportunity to create this necklace!

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Disclosure: I received the Shadowbox from C Koop Beads for free to participate in this blog challenge. All opinions expressed are my own.


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