Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Silly Gingerbread Man Gift Card Holder with Aleene’s Dry Adhesives

My tween and teen niece and nephew love gift cards, so I have been trying to make them a fun gift card holder each year. My niece and nephew remind me so much of my brother and me…they also love goofy silly stuff with a little bit of grossness thrown in. I’d been seeing these funny gingerbread men with a bite bitten out of their head, and I thought my niece and nephew would really get a kick out of them.


I have been using many of Aleene’s products for many crafty years, but I didn’t know they had a line of dry adhesives, available at Michaels and at ilovetocreate.com. I got to try some of these dry adhesives and thought I’d use them in my gift card holder project.

Here’s how I made my Silly Gingerbread Man Gift Card Holders!

Materials: Aleene’s Dry Adhesives (Tacky Sticker Sheets, Tacky Double-Stick Sheets, Tacky Dot Rolls in 1/2 inch and 3/16 inch sizes, and Tacky Tape Runner), plus scrapbook paper in brown and holiday colors, a little piece of lightweight wood, chalkboard paint, paint brush, and acrylic paint.



First I searched online and found this gingerbread man pattern from the blog Small Home Big Start. I traced the pattern on the brown scrapbook paper.


Then I traced another one on a contrasting piece of paper, but about 1/4 inch larger.


I thought I’d try the Tacky Sticker Sheets first. The package said you can instantly create a sticker.


You peel off the top protective sheet…


…then you press your paper shape onto to sticky side…


…then peel off your paper.


And then you press it down. But here’s where my clutziness got me into trouble…the adhesive is super strong! Since I didn’t position the top layer on properly, I tried to peel it off and start again. D’oh!


So I cut another one out and was more careful. I liked how the adhesive was so strong and permanent, so I don’t have to worry about it falling apart. But, you just have to be really accurate with your placement!


For the button eyes, I used the Tacky Glue Dots. I have used glue dots in the past, having made my wedding invitations and cards throughout the years. These by Aleene’s were equally strong as those, as strong as using hot glue but without the mess. For the big button, I used the 1/2 inch size…


…and for the smaller button I used a few of the 3/16 inch glue dots.


There was still some adhesive left on the Tacky Sticker Sheet so I used that for the mouth.


Then I just hand-drew the bite mark and cut it with scissors.

GingerbreadGCHolder13 GingerbreadGCHolder14

Now to make the envelope for the gift card. I cut out a piece of paper 4 by 12 inches.


Then I folded it up 5 inches, so there are two 5-inch sections, and one 2-inch section which will be the envelope’s flap.


I used Aleene’s Tacky Tape Runner to adhere the envelope sides together. I ran the tape runner along the middle section on each edge. I have also used this type of tape runner before, and this one worked well.


Then fold up the bottom 5-inch piece and press on the sides to secure. I also rounded the corners of the envelope flap.


I used the Tacky Tape Runner to adhere the gingerbread man to the envelope. I noticed the Tacky Tape Runner adhesive, while pretty strong, wasn’t as strong as the Tacky Sticker Sheets. So the good thing was, I was able to reposition the gingerbread man when I wanted to adjust it.


But I did use the Tacky Sticker Sheets to add the bitten off piece to the envelope. So I would really recommend using it for smaller pieces that are easier to control than a large piece of paper.

GingerbreadGCHolder21 GingerbreadGCHolder22

And I tried the Tacky Sticker Sheet with a little piece of rick rack for my niece’s version.


It worked!


Now for the sign. I read that the Aleene’s Tacky Double-Stick Sheets could be used on wood so I thought I’d put that to the test. I found a pack of two craft wood pieces that were the right size at the thrift store.


I painted the wood pieces on top with chalkboard paint, and on the sides with satin paint (two coats each).


I also added a little trim design around each one, because the brown chalkboard paint blended in a little too well with the gingerbread men.


To apply the Tacky Double-Stick Sheet to the wood, I peeled back one layer of the protective paper.


Then pressed that down to the back of the wood, and peeled off the other protective layer.


I pressed down on the wood to stick to the gingerbread men.


Then I wrote on each chalkboard. Let’s hope they don’t change it to “My sister is a booger” or “My brother smells”, but since, as I said, they remind me of my brother and myself, I’m sure it’s inevitable.


The last touch was to punch a hole and hang with a piece of twine so it can double as an ornament next year.

Gingerbread Man Gift Card Holder

This would make a fun kid’s project as well. But as mentioned, the Tacky Sticker Sheet is super sticky, and might be difficult for a smaller child to handle. I think my girls (who are 4.5 years old) would be able to use the Tacky Double-Sided Sheet if I pre-cut it for them, and they would also be able to use the Tacky Tape Runner just fine. But for bigger kids, all of these these dry adhesives be great supplies for them to have to make lots of different crafts.

I’m glad to have tried these Dry Adhesives by Aleene’s. They were great for all kinds of uses throughout my project, and I really liked the convenience and mess-free-ness of them. I’ve got a lot left over, so I know I’ll use them the next time I work on cards or other paper projects.

Here’s the gift card holder I made for my niece and nephew last year, if you’d like more ideas.

Disclosure: Though I received product and payment for this post, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Those are so adorable! I am going to have to make some for my family!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. These are awesome! Your niece and nephew are very
    Lucky to have such a creative auntie. I love the wood signs!!!

  3. this is such a fun project!! i love how playful they are!

  4. Those are stinking adorable! What a fun card holder. Love the little button eyes. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower. Would love you to stop by DIY Home Sweet Home.
    I have a giveaway going on right now. I would love you to stop by and enter.


  5. Very cute! Gingerbread men are so fun!

  6. They are adorable. Love their personality! Thanks so much for playing with our Tacky products. You created something truly original and fun! BTW... We featured your project on our FB page on Mr. Tacky Glue's page...he wants to hang out with your silly gingerbread men! Please like us and check it out if you haven't already! facebook.com/lovetocreate

  7. LOL! I love it! Love the Monty Python reference too! Seriously adorable and fun!

  8. Steph, I love Aleene's products and I'm going to have to give these tacky sheets a try. LOVE your silly gingerbread guys, especially their button eyes!

    http://twiggstudios.blogspot.comThank you so much for sharing your creativity and talent on "A Little Birdie Told Me..." Tuesday at Rook No. 17!

    Friends who link-up to tomorrow’s party will have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Hodgson Mill, so please feel free to stop by and join in the fun & inspiration!

    Warmest wishes,

  9. Loving this so much!! Hope you can link this up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!! (and red during the holidays) http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/2011/12/turquoise-lovin-17.html

  10. So cute! Thanks for linking up at WhisperWood Cottage! :)

  11. Hi Steph, these tags are fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you. Please pop on over and visit my blog also and perhaps you would like to follow me. I would like that. Hugs, Chris


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