Thursday, October 27, 2011

Craft Tutorial: Easy Embellished Felt Tiara

My girls took a while to decide what they wanted to be for Halloween this year. So here I am, scrambling at the last minute! They finally decided to be a Princess and a Fairy. Last year, they were butterflies so Sarah (who will be the Fairy) will wear her wings again. But they did not want to wear the butterfly antenna tiaras that Mama slaved over last year! Time for some new tiaras.

Embellished Felt Crown

This time, I made them little felt crowns. Thank goodness, they quickly decided on what types of embellishments they wanted…Sarah wanted butterflies, fitting for a fairy, and Sophie wanted flowers, which she said is what princesses like.




This Easy Embellished Felt Tiara Tutorial is really simple and quick, perfect for mamas of indecisive princesses and fairies.



  • Felt in many colors
  • Template for crown
  • Headband
  • Fusible webbing like Steam-a-Seam2
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Disappearing ink pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Plus iron, ironing board, sewing machine and thread


The crown piece will be made by cutting a mirror image of the crown along the bottom edge. At that point it will wrap around the headband, and the two mirror images of the crown will adhere on top of each other with the fusible webbing.

Draw out a template for the crown. I just made it proportionate for my girls…not too tall, not too wide. Add a little bit of height at the bottom edge, for the part that wraps around the headband.

Then, fold a piece of felt and put the bottom edge of the crown along the fold. Trace the crown onto the felt with the disappearing ink pen, and cut through both layers on the fold. Set aside.



Now cut out the fusible webbing to adhere the two layers together. We want to leave room to insert the headband i.e. we don’t want the fold part to adhere, so we want the webbing to be shorter than the felt crown. Fold back the bottom edge about 1/2 an inch, trace the crown onto one of the paper layers of the webbing with a pencil and cut out just inside of your trace line (we also want it smaller than the felt crown, so it’s not sticking out of the felt, and you don’t get goo on your iron.


There are two layers of paper on each side of the webbing. Peel off the one that is looser than the other, and place it webbing side down onto one side of the crown.


Grab your felt crown piece and open it up. Press down the exposed side of the webbing with your hand, so it sticks.


Carefully peel off the other paper layer.


Fold the crown piece back up so the two crown layers match up.


Following the directions of the Steam-A-Seam2, press with your iron. The webbing also provides some stiffness to the crown.


Because the webbing was cut shorter at the bottom, you’re left with a loop at the bottom to slide in your headband.



Try it on, if the princess and fairy are willing.

EmbellishedFeltCrown12 EmbellishedFeltCrown13

To provide additional stiffness and detail, topstitch along the points of the crown. Don’t sew the opening (for the headband).


So that’s it for the crown!


You can embellish with anything your princess and/or fairy desires. My girls chose the colors and I used hot glue to adhere everything.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I made those loopy flowers. I had seen this while watching a quilting show on TV at my mom’s house. It’s all by memory, and I wish I remembered the name of the show!

First, cut two strips of felt about 3/4 inch wide. To make one long strip, layer one end on top of the other and simply hot glue them together.


Then wrap the strip around a  ruler.


Take a skinny piece of tape and tape the loops into place along one edge. Slide the felt off the ruler.


Along the opposite edge, sew the loops into place. Remove the tape.


Then with the stitched side on the inside, twirl the strip, layering it on top of itself until you form a flower. Glue in place, and cut a felt circle in a contrasting color as the flower’s middle and to hide the stitching. Glue the circle in place.


Then arrange the flowers according to the princess’ directions.


I made a smaller loopy flower in dark blue and green (I made the felt strip narrower, and wrapped it around a thinner ruler), then I made a small yoyo flower and placed that in the middle.


For the large butterfly in the middle of the fairy crown, I used shorter strips and simply looped them into the shape of the wings. The antenna are just a short length of yarn knotted in the middle.


My girls were reluctant to model their new headbands for the camera today. Tomorrow is their school Halloween party so if I get a picture, I will add it then. (Edited with pictures, above!).

Hope this inspires you if you need a last-minute idea! This would be fun for birthday parties as well.


Happy Halloween!

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  1. Oh, so fun and so beautiful! They are fit for a princess and fairy. :) I couldn't help but notice their drawings -- so fun and full of action! What were they drawing?! Have a great time tomorrow at their party.

  2. @Steph, you know, I'm not sure what that drawing is! They are into stick figures right now but I've never seen this before. I am thinking of turning it into a frame or something!

    Thanks for stopping by, as always!

  3. That's so awesome! I really like that idea. I'll have to look into that next year for my little sister's costume :)
    Bekah from

  4. Wow - you make it sound so easy, I think I will have to try that flower made on a ruler! Your newest gfc follower, Karima

  5. Very cute---your girls look adorable! I love plying with felt!

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    Hope you have a lovely Sunday!


  6. Adorable and the best tutorial that I've seen on how to create flowers. Even my, non-sewer self will be able to turn these out.

    Happy new follower, hope that you can come over to my place in blogland and enter my contest :-)

  7. These are so cute Steph! Thanks for linking them up for Scrap Box Sunday! <3

  8. These are so fun! I'm just popping back over to let you know I featured this post in a round up of DIY crowns for International Tiara Day coming up on Friday.


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