Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Banana Sushi on Multiples in the Kitchen

For those of you who are new to The Silly Pearl, I write the Multiples in the Kitchen series once a month on the Multiples and More Blog Network (I have 4 year old twin girls). Since I started writing this series this past Spring, I’ve been able to have a lot of fun with my girls in the kitchen while teaching them some basic cooking skills. They haven’t cooked on the stovetop yet but they’ve learned to do things like use a rolling pin, food processor, and a crock pot, for example.

This month, we made Banana Sushi. Thanks to Candi @ Scrapbooks Etc. (via The Brave Girls Club) for this fun and yummy idea.


This time, the girls learned how to use a knife for cooking. I used plastic knives and had them cut the bread and bananas. They also practiced spreading peanut butter and Nutella on bread. Now you girls can make your own lunch, right?

Please visit the Multiples and More Blog Network today to see how we made Banana Sushi!


And click here for my other Multiples in the Kitchen posts from the last few months. As you can see, we’ve tried a mix of cute kiddie recipes (like ice cream cake) and more grown-up recipes (like quiche). 

I feel like my girls don’t have to always make cute kiddie dishes just because they’re kids. Of course, colorful candy and fun shapes are attractive to the little ones, but I also think learning skills and making something grown-up can be fun, interesting and rewarding for kids too. But this can definitely vary by personality/food preferences/mood/positions of the moon/etc. But with my girls, so far so good (knock on wood).

Have you cooked with your kids? Do you do it often? Can you share any tips? Let me know if you have any suggestions for recipes!



  1. fun and yummy!!! will give this s try very soon... breakfast maybe? ;) Matthew loves to help me cook and I want to encourage that -- his wife will thank me later! :)

  2. I love the recipes you come up with! They are always so yummy, and more importantly, kid friendly :)

  3. Yep, they certainly look fun and yummy! Mail some over, Steph!!! LOL!

  4. Very creative! The kids look like they are having fun. :) I've featured this idea today at


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