Sunday, October 23, 2011

Amy Butler Cosmo Bag for My Mom

My mom’s birthday was today and she’d been asking me to make a bag for her. Her requirements: roomy with lots of pockets for her stuff. We are both notorious for having so much stuff in our purses that they become a bottomless pit (or as she says, “bottom of the pits”).

I showed her a picture of the Cosmo Bag from Amy Butler's Style Stitches: 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags and she liked that it was an unusual shape (and there was a picture in the book of the bag with yarn in it…she is an avid knitter). So I gave myself about 5 days to make it. I definitely needed more than that! Including the interfacing (5.5 yards…thank goodness for coupons!), I had to cut about 40 pieces, most of which were curved. It took me 3 mornings to cut out all the pieces, and an all-nighter plus a few hours the next afternoon to sew. So it was fitting that she would ask why I had bags under my eyes when she saw me the next day.


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She said she can’t wait to show it off to her knitting friends. Hope this helps with the bottom of the pits situation.

While this bag was super time-consuming, and there were parts of the instructions that weren’t too clear, it was fun to make this bag and I definitely learned a lot. It’s been a while (as in high school) since I sewed something with lots of pattern pieces so it was like learning all over again. And nowadays there are rotary cutters which I didn’t have as a kid (just like totally dated myself, I know). But it’s really important to cut the pieces as accurately as you can. For the ones where I didn’t cut the pieces so well, I had trouble later while sewing. Otherwise, the sewing itself wasn’t too bad.

My mom had the main floral fabric in her quilting stash, and I chose some accompanying fabrics. I wanted something more geometric for the strap to contrast with the floral. She also liked the green fabric, so I added that here and there. I chose a plain fabric for the lining to make it easier to find things inside (rather than a busy print). To be honest, I didn’t like working with that plain fabric very much…it was thin and wrinkled so easily.


The front. I love the straps on this bag!


The side pocket, with a little contrasting trim.


The inside. I added some bias tape from leftover fabric along the side pocket edges, plus an extra small pocket with sections for her cell phone, a little pair of scissors, pens, etc.


And the back:


I wanted some more Cosmo Bag eye candy and a Google search revealed a sew-along (also with sew-alongs with many of the other bags in the book) where you can see all the participants’ pretty takes on the bag. Plus a few people who wrote reviews on the pattern, if you plan on making the bag yourself! I liked this one from AlewivesGirl blog.

Oh! And I also came across an addendum for the Cosmo Bag pattern on the Amy Butler website, which should make sewing the bag a little easier.

Have you made this bag? If so, let me know in the comments, especially if you have a picture. I love all the possibilities of contrasting patterns and colors and would love to see how you made yours!

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  1. STEPH!!!! That is so beautiful! You did an amazing job! I LOVE the prints you chose! Your mom must be so in love with her new bag. It's awesome! OMG, you are amazing!!! I think I've already told you that before, but let me tell you again! AMAZING!!!! (puts my little projects to shame!)

  2. Oh wow! Such a good job! I love the colours and that the inside is white. Muc easier to find stuff when the lining is light. Well done. I bet your mom gets lots of use out of it. What a special present.

  3. Yum! Steph, that bag is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love the fabrics, you're one talented woman!

  4. Oh my heavens...STEPH!!!!!!!!! That bag is GORGEOUS! I adore the fabric combination you's really just so beautiful...

  5. Steph, i need to pay you to make me one - beautiful!!

  6. Your bag is gorgeous! Such a beautiful birthday gift for your mom!


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