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Glam Rosette Necklace with Always in Wonder

Jennifer @ Always In Wonder is one of those bloggers who lights up blogland with her kindness and positive outlook on life. She is so supportive of other bloggers as well, including me. I am so lucky to know her! And I haven’t even mentioned her crafts and recipes yet!



Hi everyone! I am so excited that Steph asked me to come and do a guest post for her.  Steph is such an awesome creative gal, and I was really nervous about coming up with a post that would be half as good as hers!  So be kind to me, okay?  Thanks!

I’m going to give you guys a little tutorial on how to make those cute, fabric rose necklaces that you see a lot of ladies in the crafty blog scene wearing or showing on.  Only my version has got a bit of glam added to it.  If I am going to take the time to get dolled up and wear some jewelry, then I am going to wear jewelry that has a little of glam to it. Y’all with me on this so far?

So here is what I’m going to show you today:



First thing you want to do is gather some important supplies.



head pins

jump rings

a clasp

some glass beads

pieces of fabric torn into 1 inch strips

a glue gun

a chain (about 14 inches in length)

a needle and thread

Once you’ve gathered you’re supplies you can start by making your fabric roses.  A little trick to starting the roses is tying a single knot close to one end before you begin twisting and rolling your fabric.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (4)how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (5)


Once you have rolled four fabric roses you can then use hot glue to attach them to a small, thinner strip of fabric. You can make your flowers as big as you want, but I like to keep them all about the same size.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (6)how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (7)

I attach two of the roses to the middle of my strip of fabric, and then I turn up the ends, and use a dab of hot glue to keep them like that.  Then I attach the last two roses using my hot glue gun.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (8)how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (9)

And this is what your back should look like. Or at least pretty similar.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (10)


Now you’re ready to start working with your beads. First thing you do is insert your head pin through one of the beads. Then you’re going to make a small loop at the other end using your round nose pliers.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (11)how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (12)

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (13)

You will cut off the ends of each loop with your wire cutters, and you will do this to all 6 of your glass beads.  When you’re done you should have six beads that look like these ones.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (14)how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (15)


When you’ve done all six of your bead you can connect them together in strands of three.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (16)how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (17)


After connecting you glass bead together, you can now sew jump rings onto the back of your fabric roses.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (18)

Once the jump rings on both sides of the roses have been sewn on, add your strands of glass beads to each side.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (19)how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (20)


Now that you have your glass beads attached, you can add equal lengths of chain to each sides of the glass beads.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (21)

On one side of the end of your chain you will add a clasp, and on the other you will add a small jump ring.

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (22)


Now your necklace is complete, and ready to wear!

how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (24)how_to_make_rose_necklace_with_fabric (25)


I hope you guys enjoyed the little tutorial, and the glammed up rose necklace!  I’d love you you guys to come over and hang out with me on my blog or Facebook, or Twitter (I’m just a a little addicted to Twitter.)

Thanks again Steph, for having me!


Oh how I love the sparkly crystals with the fabric rosettes! So pretty and perfect for a special night out!

Please stop by Always in Wonder to see more craftiness and yumminess…

…like her little boy’s bedroom makeover:

Levi's_room_after_makeover (15)_thumb[16]

…and perfect for fall, this Pumpkin Cream Cheese Loaf:


Thank you so much Jennifer for being my guest today!




  1. Excellent tute! I shared this at the Jewelry Accord blog, linking to your post. Thanks so much!

  2. That looks like a fun project for this weekend. My daughter and I will get right on it! :) Thanks for sharing her blog with us, Steph! And thank you Jennifer for a fun project to do this weekend! I love those rosettes -- been addicted to them for awhile and made some cute clips and headbands for my daughter last school year.

  3. Just gorgeous! I love that it's a "glammed up" rosette necklace, beautiful <3 and I adore your colour choices too ^_^

  4. What a great idea for a tutorial! First, I will need to practice making the fabric flowers! Is there a tute for that one? I'm thinking that anyone who sews would have a great matching necklace of the same fabric! Thanks!


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