Sunday, July 31, 2011

5 4 3 2 1 Things About Me



1) Jewelry made with my girls’ artwork.

PaintedNecklace2 mpbeadsa


1) Pursuing a career I wasn’t interested in but did it anyways because I thought it would provide a secure future.


2) Rushing through things resulting in…lots more mistakes.


1) I like to mix up things - styles, patterns, colors, time periods - that don’t normally go together.

2) I make things for my girls and their needs that reflect their personalities

PatchworkTote30 PatchworkTote31

3) I don’t quite fit in anywhere and everything I make reflects that.




1) Xyron sticker maker


2) Windows Live Writer

3) Sewing machine





1) My Bahk Bahk (my dads maternal grandmother) and My Poh Poh (my maternal grandmother)


2) My Mom and Dad


3) My Girls


4) The Farmer’s Market


5) Thrifty Finds



**************************************************************************************************** things about...Craft did a profile series of their staff called 5,4,3,2,1 Things and invited their readers to do the same. I learned a little bit about myself while answering these questions. I mainly reflected on the people who inspire me and how I would like to emulate them. For example, if I have the privilege of being a grandmother, I hope my grandchildren speak of me as my dad speaks of his grandmother.

You can too…just write a similar post answering the questions and post a link here in the comments section. Can’t wait to read your 54321!



  1. This is a really nice piece. I love the sticker maker too! I use mine for pretty much everything that needs glue that I can fit in it!

  2. Hi Steph!

    You know I love your necklaces - they are so cute! And I love how you inspired by your children so much because it's totally my style. :D

    I also pursued a career I wasn't interested in . . . and I don't quite fit in anywhere either. Maybe that's why I like you!

    Great 5,4,3,2,1!!!

  3. Love this, Steph! It's so true - how the people in our lives influence our creativity.

    But seriously - how do you get so much done with twins?!? I'm in awe.

  4. I hopped over here from One Pretty Thing. I love your blog! You make such nice things!
    I might steal your 1-5 idea for my blog in the future. It's fun to think about things like this.
    Love the vintage wooden spools. I saw a cute project for them: glue them onto a wooden plaque and hang necklaces or other things!


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