Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Gadget Graphics for Fathers Day

My husband may be oh-so manly but he’s also nerdy. And nerds like their gadgets. I created some graphics of his two favorite gadgets and used them in two different ways.

Is a TV a gadget? Anyways, I know he’s been wanting a new one since our old one conked out recently and we moved our smaller flat screen to the living room from our bedroom. I can’t afford an actual TV for him so this is as close as I could get to one right now:


From this graphic, I created a freezer-paper stencil and made him this tote, for shopping or going out with the girls on his own (he said, like my towels, my totes are too girly as well as flowery):


And being the IT Guy at his work means he is also in charge of cell phones for the employees, which means he is always bringing gadgets home to try out. He spends a lot of time happily doing “research” so now and then I tease him about it…noe day I said “Hmph! You caress your phones more than you caress me.” And he proceeded to swipe my arm back and forth. Hmph! again.


So I made this graphic and from that I made this silly T-Shirt using iron-on heat-transfer paper.


Both graphics were easy to make on Picnik…for a more detailed demo on how to use Picnik to make graphics, click here. But feel free to click on the graphics and save for your personal use! And here’s a quick tutorial for each project.

Freezer Paper Stencil TV Tote

I made a pocket tote similar to my patchwork pocket tote except without the patchwork. So I cut 2 pieces of white cotton fabric for the pocket at 9x11 inches each. One will be the inner lining and one will be the outside, on which you will stencil. Also, cut a 9x11 piece of medium-weight fusible interfacing, to give the pocket some oomph.

Print out the TV graphic…I chose to print it as a 5x7. Hold it up to the pocket to make sure it will fit (allow for a 1/2 inch seam allowance).

Cut out the TV with a craft knife, and then trace that onto a piece of freezer paper, on the non-waxy side. Cut out the TV again with a craft knife. Keep the middle rectangle.


Iron the freezer paper stencil, positioning the middle rectangle in the middle, onto one of the white cotton pieces. Then take some fabric paint and a stencil brush and stencil away. Make sure you apply the paint evenly, or…


…if you apply too much to certain areas, it might seep underneath the stencil and you won’t have a clean line. Poo.


You can see the dark spots where it’s oversaturated on the back (up at the top and bottom of the TV screen). Lesson learned!


After the paint has dried completely, sew the pocket lining and interfacing to the front piece and then the whole tote, as shown in my patchwork pocket tote tutorial.

Heat-Transfer Caress Me Phone T-Shirt

To make the T-shirt, print out the graphic as a full 8x10 picture onto a piece of Heat-Transfer paper. You can first print a test-run on regular paper to make sure it fits on your T-shirt.


I measured about 5 inches from the neckline, and used a pin to mark the center of the shirt. I put a wood cutting board wrapped in a kitchen towel inside the shirt to iron the heat-transfer image on. CaressMeShirt2

Cut out the image, and follow the directions to iron it on.


And you’re done. Two nerdy silly non-girly gadgety gifts for your nerdy silly non-girly gadgety guy.


Tomorrow wraps up We Love Dada Week! One more gift to go!


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  1. I love painting fabric... it is one of my favorite things to do. Thank you for sharing I am visiting from Tatertots and Jello.

  2. LMAO, we are married to the same man! My hubby is oh so very handsome, but is very nerdy and works in IT. This is perfect for him (especially the cell phone).

    Thanks for the tute! I came over from Lolly Jane:-) Love those girls!


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