Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Springtime Piggies Birthday Party

I’ve posted some of the crafts I made for my girls’ 4th birthday, but I wanted a post with everything together, plus share some pictures from the day. For our celebration, we just had a handful of close friends over to our tiny house and had a bbq.

My girls were born in the Year of the Pig (2007) and I’d always wanted to give them a pig party before the days of princess and fairy parties take over. I made this pig graphic inspired by their favorite stuffed friends.


I had tons of fun making this birthday wreath to greet our friends at the door.


I told the girls I was going to make them a piggy shirt but didn’t get the chance, so I was going to nix the idea. But the night before, I couldn’t resist and made them super quick!


I thought it would be fun for the bigger kids (does that include my girls??!!) to make something, so I set up a little table to make a pig mask. I got the idea from DLTK Kids.



Yes I know they didn’t turn out like pigs or anything remotely like the original idea! Ironically, some looked like wolves. That’s what you get when you see the idea a month before the party and forget to look at it and wing it by memory at the last minute. But even with my sorry directions, the kids did a great job.


The cakes and birthday banner.

birthdaybanner2 cake1

I recently found this springy vintage scarf and used it as a table overlay.


We got the cakes from a local bakery. The girls each got their own little cake, which were white cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate ganache on top. The big cake was a “black and white” cake with a layer of white cake and a layer of chocolate cake, with chocolate buttercream in the middle and dark chocolate ganache on top. The chocolate ganache topping was sooooo goooood.


But we ended up singing and cutting the cake in the living room so everyone could get a good view of the birthday girls, and because we keep it real with a tv in the background.

bday1 bday2

And if I had remembered to pass out our crayon favors at the end of the party, the display by the door would have looked something like this. D’oh! That just means that everyone will be getting a little package with their thank you notes.

favors1 favors2 favors3

I realized I did not get a good picture of the girls’ outfits actually on them, until everyone left.

Sarah, happily covered with ketchup, pink paint and cake frosting. Being 4 is so much fun.


Sophie, no explanation necessary. I felt the same way.


My dear sweet little piggies, I hope you had a fun day.

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  1. This is pinkalicious goodness times 2! Your little girls are drop dead gorgeous, and I love the piggie theme. I hope you all had a wonderful time, thanks for sharing the lovely pictures (telly and all, and if you don't manage to send out all those crayon favours, I will happily take them off you!)
    Love to Steph from

  2. LOVE!! Especially the cake! So hungry right now, hehe.

  3. Happy birthday, piggies! What a fun day. The "crashed out" photo at the end is too cute :)

  4. These ideas are ADORABLE!! I would love it if you would link this up to my Marvelous Mess party....each week I pick one project to feature on my sidebar!! Here is the link:

  5. Adorable!! Love the outfits and the cake!

  6. This is So Cute! Love the little shirts and wreath.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  7. Adorable! I love their shirts and the little piggie plates. Too cute!

    Thanks so much for joining us at the CSI Project this week! We loved seeing your party!


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