Monday, May 30, 2011

It’s We Love Dada Week!

Who loves Dada?


In honor of Father’s Day, this week is

We Love Dada Week

on The Silly Pearl!


This is just something I decided to do at the last minute, so the projects I’ll be sharing each day starting Tuesday will be super simple and quick. And I figured since Father’s Day is just around the corner, maybe some of you are looking some fast but fun little projects as well.

A little bit about my husband: He’s an IT Guy, loves gadgets and reads blogs about gadgets just as I read blogs about crafting. He loves to cook, grill, read spy novels and watch movies. When he gets the chance, he rides his bike along our local trails to unwind. He loves God, loves his little girls, and for some reason, loves me.

He cut my toenails when I was pregnant, cheered me on as I recovered from their delivery and built up my milk supply, tirelessly washed bottles and pump parts when the girls finally came home from the NICU, and still today puts us first before anything else.

And of course his girls adore him. I could feel resentful when they ask me “Where’s Dada?” before they say good morning to me each and every day, but I don’t. I don’t blame them. I miss him when he goes to work too.

So are you gagging yet from all the mushiness? Okay I’ll stop now. Can’t wait to show you all the little projects I’ve been working on (and the girls too!). First one will be later today! While I can’t afford to buy him the big screen TV he wants, I hope he still likes these little tokens of our love.



  1. Oh this is wonderful! :D My children ask about Daddy first before they say hi to me every morning as well. Daddies are pretty special people.

  2. He cuts your toenails?! Wow! What a great hubs!

    As for resenting when our child prefers daddy than mummy, oh well, I'm used to it already. Whenever daddy's around, it's like mummy's invisible, it's OK cos that means mummy gets her own time! Yeah! :D


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