Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog Swap Today with Hani at Craftionary!

What do I love about blogging? Among many things, it’s the friends you meet along the way. I am so thrilled to introduce you to my very first guest poster on The Silly Pearl, Hani from the adorable blog Craftionary! And as this is a blog swap, I have the privilege of sharing a little about myself and my Spring Yarn Embroidery Hoop Wreath tutorial on her blog today as well.
Here she is…the darling Hani!
Hello! lovely readers at The Silly Pearl

I am Hani from Craftionary

I blog about crafts, decorating and organizing home. But of all the things I do. I love to make new friends the most.
At craftionary, it's all about tutorials. I post a new craft project every week and feature other bloggers. You can also find pre-made blog designs, and have your blog designed according to your preferences too. I hope you all will come by to say Hi! and like my crafts. :)

I am so excited to share the calla lilies I made using nylon net
Calla Lilies are famous for wedding decoration specially due to their white color and elegance.

Here's how I made it.
There are two parts of a calla lily, the yellow spadix and the spathe (the petal). To make the spadix, take a piece of tissue paper, fold it twice and cut it as shown below

  • Roll a piece of tissue paper, fold and cut it in the shape shown above. This will help you roll in on the stem wire without shaping it as you go.

  • Now dab some glue at the starting and start rolling it over the stem wire. Close and secure at the end with some more glue. Let it dry. Then wrap 2-3 layers of nylon over the tissue paper and your spadix is complete.

  • To make the spathe, tie the rings sizes (6) and (8) together using a piece of wire (You can use anything round with the indicated diameters as substitute). Now wind the wire around the two rings to make a big oval-shaped ring, twist and cut with the plier. Wrap nylon wire over it, be careful not to ruin the shape of the wire. 
Follow the instructions for making petals and assembling the flower for
starters in the post Basic Nylon Flower
and complete details about material and where to buy Nylon Material

You will also like the wedding lilies bunch that I made using the nylon net with a smaller petal method
See how to make it here

A few of my recent projects are:

Thanks Steph. I enjoyed being here
 I also do giveaways to encourage small businesses every week. I hope you will stop by to say Hello! at Craftionary
Told you you’d love Hani. Make sure you head on over to Craftionary soon to check out her unique and lovely crafts. If you had to twist my arm to choose, my favorite is her lovely Outdoor Butterflies Frame Art. Which is your fave?
Thank you Hani for visiting today and thanks for having me on your blog as well!


  1. wow, the flowers turned out so beautiful! can't wait to try them out with my daughter! have a great weekend, steph!

  2. I like the Dry erase list frame, so cute and creative! But then again, the rest of her craft works are splendid too!

  3. Thanks Steph! It was nice blog swapping with you.. :)
    Stay in touch


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