Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Craft Tutorial: Party Blower Birthday Wreath

I know two piggies who will be turning FOUR in a few weeks! I thought I’d make a wreath to welcome all the visitors who will be coming by to see them.

Party Blower Birthday Wreath by The Silly Pearl

I made the wreath with party blowers and two piggy birthday hats (edited: here’s how I made the piggy graphic).

I made the party blowers myself. No, I did not originally set out to make them! I searched high and low for the kind I remember from my childhood…made of paper, lots of fun colors, maybe some stripes or polka dots on them. But the only ones I found were made of this plasticy material in ugly colors and were themed after a cartoon. So I did a search and of course Martha had a tutorial. I skipped some steps and it actually didn’t take too long to make them.

Materials for the Party Blowers:


  • Scrapbook paper
  • Paper cutter
  • Plastic straws
  • Pencil
  • Rubber bands (or in my case, hair elastics I bought that my girls rejected)
  • Ribbon
  • Xyron machine (optional)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

Materials for the Wreath:

  • Party blowers (made or purchased)
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Something to cover the cardboard, such as ribbon (not shown)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Whatever other embellishments you want to add, such as the party hats and printed out stuff

Directions to make the Party Blowers:

For this wreath, the party blowers don’t actually have to work! So we don’t have to worry about making them perfect, or having to seal up any seams for air to escape.

Cut the scrapbook paper into 2x12 inch strips. I chose different patterns from the same pack.


Fold each strip twice so that the two long sides meet in the middle. If you were making a working party blower, you would put a piece of tape all along the seam to seal it up, plus fold down one end about 1/4 inch to seal the end before going on to the next step.

birthdaywreath4 birthdaywreath5

Then starting at one end, roll the strip onto a pencil.


Take a rubber band or elastic and wrap it around the roll. Leave it for at least 24 hours.


It surprisingly didn’t take too long to make all of these!


Now we’ll attach the straw and finishing ribbon. If you like, you can prepare the ribbon first by running some through a Xyron machine, then cutting it into about 1.5 inch strips. Or just cut ribbon into 1.5 inch strips and you can just use glue to adhere it later.



Put some glue along the end of the scrapbook paper roll. I found it easier to pour out some glue onto a plate and use a toothpick to apply the glue. Then cut a straw in half, resulting in two 4-inch pieces. Take one piece and insert it into the paper roll, about 1 inch or so. Fold in the corners of the paper roll end and dab on some more glue to close it up.

birthdaywreath11 birthdaywreath12

Then take your ribbon piece and wrap it around (try to actually stick the ribbon on both the straw and the scrapbook paper, unlike the picture below). All done with the party blower.


Directions to make the wreath:

I used cardboard to make a wreath form, with embroidery hoops as my template…one 12 inch and one 9 inch as the inside and outside of the wreath form. Trace and then cut out with scissors or craft knife.


I then dug up some wide ribbon and wrapped that around the wreath form to cover it up. This ribbon was from my wedding…only 6.5 years ago!


I wanted to add two party hats to the wreath. I found a great template from Creation Corner’s party hat headband tutorial, but I made them slightly bigger. I traced the template onto some cardstock, one color for each of my piggies.


I just stapled the ends together once the hats were shaped.


I also made some piggy printable rounds and stuck one to each hat. I’ll have directions on how to make these soon! Edited: Here’s how I made them!


Glue the hats at one “corner” of the wreath, and start gluing on the party blowers. And don’t forget to tie a ribbon up top for hanging before you cover that area with party blowers.


I’m not really sure if I left some gaps on purpose for the 4’s and the happy birthday sign, but it worked out!

Party Blower Birthday Wreath - The Silly PearlThe Silly Pearl - Party Blower Birthday Wreath

This wreath was a lot of fun to make and I pretty much used what I had at home. Hope you enjoyed it and please let me know if you make one yourself.

Party Blower Birthday Wreath by The Silly Pearl

More birthday crafts to come!


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    Moore Babies

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    I'm "Pinning", "Stumbling" and sharing on Facebook.


  5. This is amazing, love it! I might have to make one just cause it looks so good!

  6. What a GREAT idea! Very creative - I've bookmarked it for future birthday parties!

  7. Love it! You're going to have two very happy piggies on their birthday!! xx

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    Found you through Fingerprints on the Fridge!


    PS- I am hosting a giveaway on my blog right now for free hair accessories and would love for you to come enter!

  19. This is such a fun birthday wreath. Very creative!

  20. Hey Steph-

    I am "pinning" this and featuring you next week at Creative Juice as well. I hope to make this for Monkey's 2nd birthday this summer!

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursday...hope to see more of your work this upcoming week!

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  22. You are seriously so clever and cute! I just love this wreath :)

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  27. I love this idea! This is the first new birthday wreath I've seen in awhile!!

    Stopping by from Creation Corner.


  28. @itilien You would have to completely seal any openings and seams in the paper in order for the blowers to actually work. See the Martha Stewart tutorial to which I linked in the 3rd paragraph. So you'd have to add a long piece of tape to cover the inside seam of the party blower, and make sure it's completely closed when you attach it to the straw.

    Thanks so much for your comment! 4 year olds rule! Hope you check back as I couldn't find your email.

  29. Great job!

    I came over from Tip Junkie.

  30. very cute! may have to try this! happy day to you :)

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    new follower,

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  47. This is wonderful!
    I have a first and fourth birthday coming up this summer and I will definately be doing this for one!

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