Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cooking: Easter Egg Rice Krispy Treats

The girls’ preschool had an Easter party today and snacks were parent-provided. I saw these Easter Egg-Shaped Rice Krispy Treats on From Apples to Zucchini and thought they’d be perfect for the occasion.


They were responsible for the rice krispies while I melted the butter and marshmallows. Smells sooooo good.


They were also the sprinkle adders. I just bought one of those combo sprinkle thingys at the grocery store.


Sometimes you’ve just gotta stand up to sprinkle.


Butter up everyone’s hands and fill up some washed and dried plastic eggs (into the bigger half). Heap it up so that it will also fill the smaller half when you cap it closed, about 2 inches.


So, a little bit less than this:


But a little bit more than that:


Let them sit for a few minutes…


…and remove onto a plate. And you’re done.


This was the first time they’ve ever made “Rice Cakes” as the girls call them, so I’m wondering if my girls will always expect them to be egg-shaped! So I’d better hang onto my eggs for now. Anyway, these were easy to make, didn’t require exact measurements, could be made ahead, and the girls were able to help. A fun and sweet afternoon with my fun and sweet girls.

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  1. The sprinkles are the perfect addition! My daughter was *just* asking to make "Marshmallow Rice Squares" and this is a great way to get her to help out without the potential mess from the food colouring bottles :)

  2. oh my you've got cutie pie twins.. :) aww I love identical twins.. they are soo adorable.. are they easily identified by people?
    Give my love to them

  3. Those look so cute! What a unique way to make Easter eggs! And now I'm in the mood for Rice Krispies Treats....

    Kim (hopped here from Foodie Wednesday @ Daily Organized Chaos)

  4. I remember those from last year and i want to make them this year... we'll see! And I just read in Better Homes and Garden... get this, poke a hole in the middle and add M&Ms!!!! I'm not sure what the exact directions were - just saw the picture and figured, well, that's what I will do! ;)
    Thanks for reminding me of your cute little treats!!!


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