Saturday, February 19, 2011

My DIY Wedding Details

When I became engaged in late 2003, I was so excited to plan my wedding. I had no idea I would craft so much of it myself! These were my favorite projects.

My Veil


Probably my very favorite element in the entire was my veil. For my entire life, I wanted a simple and long veil just like Maria’s in The Sound of Music. Guess how much I spent…$15! I bought the tulle during the Daffodil Days sale at Jo-Ann. I brought my soon-to-be husband with me, who was such a good sport to stand in line at the cutting table while I ran around gathering other supplies. When I returned, he had this deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. It was similar to the look he had during the first ultrasound during my pregnancy (and this wasn’t even the one where we found out there were two in there).

Our Invitations

We had our wedding ceremony in a church, followed by a banquet in a Chinese restaurant. We wanted modern take on the traditional Chinese invitation, but the modern type is way more expensive. So we took on the task to make our own. To make the pocketfold, we bought large sheets of cardstock and my husband made a template out of two pieces of wood, and cut the paper himself with a utility knife. And from there was a lot of folding, double-stick tape and glue dots! We also thought of a way to include both English and Chinese without too much bulk.

Chinese English Wedding Invites 1 Chinese English Wedding Invites 3Chinese English Wedding Invites 2 

Me at 3am completing our first one:


The Groom’s Chinese Vest

We both wore traditional Chinese outfits during our banquet and during the tea ceremony, which is a separate little event where you pour tea for your elders. I could not find a vest that I liked for my groom so I sewed it myself. I don’t know how I did it and probably could not repeat it!


I also did my own flowers, table runner for the cake table, bridesmaid jewelry, flower girl pouch and ring bearer pillow, and more little touches here and there.

After the wedding was over, I couldn’t shake the DIY! It’s what kick-started my crafting again after such long break since high school, college, grad school and career. I can’t believe that crafting was virtually nonexistent in my life for how many years?! Shortly after our wedding, I started a bridal jewelry business and had only word-of-mouth customers for two busy years, until I found out I was pregnant with my girls. Then another break from crafting for 3 years until the middle of 2010.

And I still love weddings!!! Scroll down for a tutorial for bridal hairpins, one of my favorite things to make for my bridal customers. Maybe it’s because I have short hair and could never wear them.

Oh to do it all over again! But the end result would still be as sweet.



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